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More of a lurker than a writer for this fandom, mostly because I wouldn't dream of ever being able to stand on par with all the very talented authors who are here.

Rabid fangirl I am though. To unhealthy doses.

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Captive by Tinni

Rated: Mature Audience [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar
Summary: What if Morgoth had captured Feanor instead of killing him?
Category: FPS, FPS > FĂ«anor/Morgoth, FPS > Fingon/Maedhros, FPS > Maedhros/Fingon, FPS > Morgoth/FĂ«anor
Characters: FĂ«anor, Fingon, Maedhros, Morgoth
Type: Dark fic
Warning: Angst, AU, Humiliation, Non-con
Series: None
Challenge: None
Chapters: 7 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 7570 | Read count: 6624

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Published: January 25, 2009 | Updated: January 25, 2009

Reviewer: Tristana Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: July 06, 2012 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 6

I had prepared a super long and thoughtful review, clicked the wrong button and lost it. Yay.

Since I am the first to review, I'll still try my best to be coherent and remember what I said.

First of all, kudos to you for pulling off the Morgoth/FĂ«anor ship without falling into the trap of pointlessly gory BDSM. And the rarity of the pairing makes it all the more worthwhile.

I found your story to be rather unique for several reasons.
First, the fact that you focused more on their interaction, the mind games and the rest. I guess most would expect smut right away, and while I am a total fangirl, I must say that here, you speaking of FĂ«anor being 'ravaged' is even worse than having a full description. And it allows for my imagination to run wild. Though I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or not. Oh well.
Also, the parallel 'sub-plot' with FindekĂ no. You pulled it off very nicely, and it helped setting your story within the frame of the Silmarillion itself. And also, it prevented your story from becoming 'stifling' - like, one would need a breather from Angband because that place is insane.

You have brilliant ideas as well, really. I really liked that of Melkor using the Silmaril to gag FĂ«anor, effectively bringing him down a peg or two. And you have a knack to depict his pain, both physical and psychological. The unravelling of his mind and body, it was genius, and right in the line of the rest. I especially liked the part when Morgoth shows him Maitimo being tortured - the progress of FĂ«anor's mind and the fact that he ended up begging - and Melkor's doubt. These may seem like details but they added depth to the scene and made it even more realistic. It was quite tearing to see this, the torture and the otherwise proud Elf who would suddenly step down to save his own son.
Another was the grass and vines. I did not expect it at all - and it was the first time natural elements are brought into Angband - most of the time, it is described as only stones and iron. That nature itself becomes deadly, artificial, adds to the unease that we feel in the scene. (Though Sauron grinning like a maniac plays a role in it, no doubt.)

Just as well, this whole thing about Melkor managing to reach FĂ«anor's heart, and his mind and - at times, I did not know if it was real or not, which is all the more interesting in the context of the story. Makes one feel a bit delirious.

Last but not least... having FĂ«anor saying that Morgoth 'has his uses' just had me grinning. It added a lightness to the end of the chapter, that I did not want to bawl at all. For once. Congratulations for averting the mind-numbing angst potential, it was quite refreshing.

And this line: ""I wonder if bedding you always leads to such wisdom," he taunted. "Perhaps you should bed yourself once in a while," suggested FĂ«anaro. "It could lead to some interesting insights.""
It nearly killed me. I swear, this has to be the most awesome line I ever saw coming from FĂ«anor. Where he could have gotten angry and just yelled or something, you have this gem of a retort. I thus make FĂ«anor King of Snark.

So, I guess that the main point - hidden in my -too long- rambling - is that your story is not only a well-written one - complete with content, form, spelling and all. You also brought something new to this theme of imprisonment, especially through the elements I mentioned before. (And the fact that Namo is actually being presented as capable of doing something else than castigating Noldors. Though he's right about the whole 'you would have spent two millenia convinced you did nothing wrong otherwise'. Too true.)

I am sorry for the overly long review, but I had to say it - I am sure I forgot things on the way, though it's quite late. But I promise, I will not stalk you unless I recall something very important because I would hate to sound like a creeper.

Thank you again for writing this story and sharing it. I will treasure this story (well, not hoard it per se, as we know what befall those who hoard).

I wish you all the best and a good continuation for your writing.


Elevation by Tracey

Rated: Restricted Audience [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: PWP, short, sweet and smutty. Legolas is grieving after Helm's Deep. Eomer wants to alleviate that pain.
Category: FPS, FPS > Legolas/Éomer, FPS > Éomer/Legolas
Characters: Éomer, Legolas
Type: PWP
Warning: None
Series: None
Challenge: None
Chapters: 1 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 1202 | Read count: 1321

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Published: May 05, 2009 | Updated: May 05, 2009

Reviewer: Tristana Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: July 06, 2012 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This makes me want to have an Eomer nearby when I'm bawling.
okay, this is a PWP, perhaps but I'm grateful that it's not simply smut, that you actually wroter something around it. (PWP is a genre on its own and I guess too many people would write just smut and get on with it.)
It makes sense, kind of. And I daresay that the unoriginality of your story is rendered nonexistent by the fact that you got Legolas and Eomer in it. Compare it to the sheer number of Aragorn/Legolas over the internets.
So what I meant was: thank you for making this one rabbid fangirl run to her bunk, I daresay it was well nommable smex and therefore, have some cookies! (Don't worry, they are not baked by Morgoth, the guy's useless in the kitchen.)

The Emissary by JDE

Rated: Mature Audience [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Finrod is elected as the emissary of the Noldor to Doriath. He hates caves, he hates the Sindar and he hates his task. Everything goes disastrously wrong from the very first day of his stay in Doriath. Things are further complicated by a cryptic Maia, a naive King and a jealous lover. Add a stubborn sister, a Noldor-hating wooer of the said sister and a dozen or so cousins to this mix, Finrod is reasonably sure that he wouldn’t mind morphing into an orc.
Category: FPS, FPS > Eöl/Thingol, FPS > Finrod/Thingol, FPS > Thingol/Eöl, FPS > Thingol/Finrod
Characters: Eöl, Finrod, Thingol
Type: None
Warning: AU
Series: The Song of Sunset
Challenge: None
Chapters: 8 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 32674 | Read count: 1393

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Published: September 21, 2009 | Updated: November 02, 2009

Reviewer: Tristana Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: July 02, 2012 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 8

Whoa - just whoa. Actually, I have been lurking here for quite a while. Though I'm more of a 'save and run' person, and just got an account. And thus take the opportunity to tell you.
I have no words, I don't know what to say. Despite what you said about your vision of the House of Finwë, I'd say that fanfictions are here for a reason, to give us something that the original didn't or barely mentioned.
Your plot was well-thought and it made sense to me, in the context of the Silmarillion itself. So I'd rather say you 'enhanced' the story, rather than wrote something totally AU. I have to say I didn't expect Findaráto to fall for Elwë but... I'd be lying if I didn't say I loved it. And the whole thing of him using the Sindarin form of his name rather than the Quenya on occasions... who is he fooling? (I do feel awfully sad for Maccalaurë... alright, Finwë's descendants have this way of making me feel awful most of the time.)
I am sorry, I feel like I am ranting, but I'm afraid I can't say anything clever to save my life. Probably the only thing that was hard was the use of their mother-name. It's been years that I haven't read the Silmarillion, so I kept having to check. But it was not that much of a problem, and in the end, it did not distract me from your story.

You are a very talented writer, I guess this is what I ultimately wanted to say. You have a way of bringing characters to life, breathing life into them and making them more flesh and blood. The last bit brought tears to my eyes, it really did. Live, love and lose indeed. I rarely ever felt so compelled to read multi-chapters fictions - short attention-span, yay. But now, I think I'll just run around and read your other stories. (I am sorry if I sound like a creeper...)

Thank you for writing this story, and for sharing it here. *hands in virtual cookies in worship* /creeper moment over

When the Days Were Long by Orchyd Constyne

Rated: Restricted Audience [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Maedhros and Fingon share their relationship with Maglor.
Category: FPS > Fingon/Maedhros/Maglor, FPS
Characters: Fingon, Maedhros, Maglor
Type: None
Warning: Incest
Series: None
Challenge: None
Chapters: 1 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 2267 | Read count: 483

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Published: July 14, 2011 | Updated: July 14, 2011

Reviewer: Tristana Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: July 02, 2012 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Where to start? There are several reasons why I adore your story. One would be the epic slash. Though it makes sense, I have to say that this is the first story I come across in which the full potential of these three is exploited. And you made me the happiest fangirl this side of Middle-Earth (so to say).
Yes, Maedhros is clueless, but he's all the more loveable for this. Though I have to say that it's sometimes annoying. But anyway. I like your idea - having Fingon leading Maedhros to see. And this is plain sweet and I need no other reason than this.
Though the smut was... *fans self* Okay, now, I'll be out in the rain, I'll be right back.
Also, the end of your story made it... not sad, but still. Nostalgic somehow. (Listening to sad songs at the same time is not a good idea apparently.) I really loved it - and the fact that it was not some PWP.
So to sum it up - I am sorry for the long rant: your story is well-written, nosebleed-inducing, and is definitely a favourite of mine from now.
Thank you for writing this story, and for sharing it. *offers cookies in thanks*
(Now I want to hug them even more than I usually do...
Fingon: And I thought Balrogs were the last thing you'd want to see. I take that back.) /goes off before being too creepy.

Unknown and Unknowable by Anonymous Slashlover

Rated: Mature Audience [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Glorfindel has a secret and only Erestor knows what it is.
Category: FPS > Celeborn/Erestor, FPS, FPS > Elrond/Glorfindel, FPS > Glorfindel/Elrond, FPS > Glorfindel/Erestor, FPS > Erestor/Glorfindel, FPS > Erestor/Haldir, FPS > Haldir/Erestor, FPS > Celeborn/Haldir, FPS > Haldir/Celeborn, FPS > Erestor/Celeborn
Characters: Celeborn, Elrond, Erestor, Glorfindel, Haldir of LothlĂłrien
Type: None
Warning: None
Series: None
Challenge: None
Chapters: 2 | Completed: No | Word count: 4353 | Read count: 1010

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Published: July 23, 2011 | Updated: July 23, 2011

Reviewer: Tristana Signed
Date: July 02, 2012 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Evil writers stopping midway shan't receive any mercy. That being said, I quite like where you're going, though I am not sure whether or not you kept writing. I would be really interested to see where it'd end. Well, I kinda guess but still.
Erestor... You are too good at playing the clueless and naive elf, that's evil of you. Somehow - poor Haldir.
Also, Glorfindel... I know not to hug him or kick him - perhaps both. Poor one, truly he could not have fallen for someone else to make it harder. Though it is a known fact that it's easier to pick up hints about other people's relationship than understanding that someone is running oneself. (Or perhaps I have Elrond's mind. Maybe.)

As for your question... I'd say that he might try but Legolas would totally bust him. He may be young, but he seems quite perceptive to me. And perhaps he's more used to it, relating to what you said earlier about Mirkwood's elves. Just a thought.

Getting Into Hot Water by Menel

Rated: Restricted Audience [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstar
Summary: An invitation to join Aragorn for a bath results in a surprising outcome for the King of the Mark.
Category: FPS > Legolas/Aragorn, FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Éomer, FPS > Éomer/Aragorn, FPS > Éomer/Legolas, FPS > Legolas/Éomer, FPS > Aragorn/Legolas
Characters: Aragorn, Éomer, Legolas
Type: None
Warning: None
Series: None
Challenge: None
Chapters: 1 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 5525 | Read count: 1735

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Published: July 27, 2011 | Updated: July 27, 2011

Reviewer: Tristana Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: July 06, 2012 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

"Will you rise to the challenge?" indeed.
I have to say... you actually managed to make me read with Aragorn and Legolas in it. Hasn't happened in forever. Anyway... I quite like this oath idea, really.
And damn the PWP to Morgoth's halls, I say this was very nicely written - hot and all. And I am always happy to see Legolas acting much more devious than he is usually portrayed as.
I especially liked the hair-washing part - having a strong addiction to long hair myself. It added more realism to the scene, in a way.

I am sorry for the long rant, I can't bring myself to write only one or two lines when I liked a story. And this is definitely going to my favs.

Now I'll leave with the dreamlike vision of Eomer lounging in a bath.

(Actually the only thing that kind of annoyed me was the '...' insteand of the E in Eomer. Perhaps it is my browser that couldn't handle the accent, but yes. I know I am just nitpicking but it's sometimes distracting.

That being said, have some virtual cookies from this over-happy fangirl.