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Established January 1st, 2002

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Tales From Middle Earth 6. My Old Dad Says by MJ General Audience
Frodo and Sam make an important new acquaintance while on the road.

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The Singer's Lesson by Himring General Audience
A scene set among elven musicians: At a music school in Alqualonde, a teacher...
Like Dark Glass by Himring Teenage Audience
Tolkien wrote about two lakes; in my mind they connected, as perhaps they already...

Site News

The LoM is moving to the AO3

Hello all,

With the death of eFiction we started fearing that soon there would be unsurmountable technical difficulties. We don't have the time to switch the whole archive to another software and we certainly don't want to see the LoM die after so many years serving fandom. It was a hard decision, but we found that it would be better if the LoM would transit to a place where it will be safely kept and all who love it will continue to enjoy it. Thus, we asked for the archive to be hosted at the Archive of Our Own and they have been great. The migration of the stories and art will start this March.

Please read the OTW's post for more information about the migration.

With love,
The Mods
by Talullah on March 03, 2022 01:49 pm

If you haven't yet, please check the Horrifying October entries in the following links - there is something for everyone's taste!

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Many thanks to everyone who participated!
by Talullah on November 15, 2016 02:54 am