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A hare chasing plot bunnies, preferably elf-bunnies.

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The Song of Sunset by JDE

Rated: Restricted Audience [Reviews - 58] starstarstarhalf-star
Summary: The series describes the lives of Elrond and Erestor through the Second and Third Ages till they finally sail for Valinor. Elrond falls in love with Erestor but his cousin, Gil-Galad, who is also in love with Erestor proposes first. Galadriel blackmails Elrond with her knowledge of his secret love forcing him into a union with her daughter.The story also explores the deep friendship that Elrond shares with Thranduil. He learns to present a mask to the world, hiding away his emotions and fears as he stands by his King as the Herald.
Category: FPS, FPS > Elrond/Erestor, FPS > Elrond/Thranduil, FPS > Erestor/Elrond, FPS > Erestor/Gil-galad, FPS > Gil-galad/Erestor, FPS > Thranduil/Elrond
Characters: Erestor, Gil-galad, Thranduil
Type: None
Warning: None
Series: The Song of Sunset
Challenge: None
Chapters: 45 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 132735 | Read count: 24573

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Published: July 04, 2008 | Updated: October 29, 2008

Reviewer: Hare Signed
Date: May 05, 2009 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3. To Save A Wedding

A very touching bit of info on Oropher and his doomed love. It's not often a story makes me actually pity him!

Author's Response:

I was wondering who blessed me with the new review. Should have known, since you promised:) I shall keep hoping that the story will make you pity many more elves and men who are usually not pitied. It is lovely to read your review, knowing that you read till chapter 3. To be fair I will warn you that the pace does not pick up until it is Chapter 5 or so. It is a slow one.


But I am glad to see you here, and I am off to hoard this review.