A Bag of Sweets and A Bundle of Trouble by Anestel

Chapter notes: A/N: The last chapter is short. I'm sorry. But on the bright side this is going to be a series simply called "Legolas" for the moment. But the next part will be called "Elf on the Run"
They had finally got the bath finished and Elrond dressed Legolas in clean clothes. With a tired sigh the Peredhel collapsed in his chair and closed his eyes tiredly. Legolas began running around the room screaming and giggling, acting as if he was flying. Elrond soon fell asleep even with Legolas being as loud as a war band.

Not long after Thranduil opened the door and Legolas ran and jumped into Thranduil's arms. "Ada, Ada! I was actually good for Rondy!" Legolas giggled innocently, wrapping his arms around Thranduil's neck.

Thranduil laughed and looked at his sleeping lover. Somehow he doubted Legolas' words. He set the boy down and gave him a kiss on the head. Slowly he made his way to Elrond's side and shook his lover's shoulder gently. "Elrond, how was Legolas?"

Elrond started awake and looked up at Thranduil. "Hello, love." He murmured sleepily,

"Legolas was fine." A yawn escaped him, causing Thranduil to laugh and Elrond soon joined him. Though he motioned for Thranduil to quiet down when he saw little Legolas curled up asleep looking like the angel he wasn't.

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