A Bag of Sweets and A Bundle of Trouble by Anestel


Summary: Elrond baby-sits his lover's five-year-old son, Legolas. What happens when the child gets a hold of a bag of sweets?
Rating: Teenage Audience [Reviews - 2]
Category: FPS, FPS > Elrond/Thranduil, FPS > Thranduil/Elrond
Characters: Elrond, Legolas, Thranduil
Type: None
Warning: None
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapter: 5 | Completed: Yes | Words: 1998 | Read: 19787
Published: March 20, 2009 | Updated: March 20, 2009

Story notes: This is a plotbunny that I think was from Cheysuli on the LOM forum, not totally sure. Anyway, it's been gnawing at me for a while and I finally decided to write it. It's pretty funny, I think, but that is just me.
Beta: Orchyd Constyne

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A/N: Okay y'all I have a request. Can someone draw pictures for this fic??? Please I beg of you. I really would love to see some artwork for this. If you could I would be forever grateful. Also thanks to my friend Brie who helped me get unstuck on this chappy. Also email me ideas for what to do next! I don't have kids so my brain is on low. Please please if you wish it to continue help me out. Just little ideas and such. Ya know?? Thanks y'all.

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A/N: The last chapter is short. I'm sorry. But on the bright side this is going to be a series simply called "Legolas" for the moment. But the next part will be called "Elf on the Run"