Harvester of Sorrow by Azzy


Summary: Elladan goes insane from the loss of his twin, who chooses a lover far away. Stricken by grief and madness, he decides to kill Elrohir's lover, but in the last minute changes his mind when he sees a little child, and he decides to take the child instead and raise it as his own little friend/son. The child suffers a trauma from the abduction and therefore goes mute. What will happen with the child? Will he be returned to his parents? Will Elladan's plan work? Or will he realise he did something terrible?
Rating: General Audience [Reviews - 2] starstarhalf-star
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Characters: Elladan, Elrohir, Éomer, Glorfindel, Irmo, Legolas, Théodred
Type: None
Warning: Angst, AU, Incest, Interspecies, Violence
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Chapter: 37 | Completed: No | Words: 64130 | Read: 202720
Published: September 01, 2012 | Updated: September 01, 2012

Story notes: I decided to give this fic its own opening page, because this must be the strangest fic I ever wrote, and properly the longest too. It is a mix between allot of things, but most of all two plot-bunny's of Cheysuli's, and then I added some strange stuff of my own, and some from a slash RPG I play´, called in Silpions light . This is very, very much AU and I am aware that the timeline can seem messed up. And to make all this match, I made up a big brother for Legolas, called Dinalu (roughly translated, Silent water). – And now to clear up some issues that I know from experience will arise; there will figure child abuse (non sexual), which is necessary for the plot. And a disease I am sure elves cannot get should I stick to canon, but I am not. And as I said the timeline is like the wind blows, this is NOT even close to canon it is but a story, so don't bother to flame me. Other stuff? Well this could perhaps be seen as a darkfic, but rest assured I am a fluff girl at heart, even though I like darkfic's, I actually am a sucker for happy endings, so rest assured that this will have one of those too. Thanks to; Miriel, Bersa, Elrohir, Anestel & BlueGold (from the RPG), Cheysuli for the plotbunnies

Betaed by; Lisbet Karlsdottir the ever wonderful

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Well now we jump about 200 years in the story, starting a new part, as Harvester of Sorrow was the prologue, this is the middle, followed by an Epilogue. This will mean that Legolas is about 250 years old, and therefore a young adult, at the age when the fun is legal.
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Sorry for the short chapter and the long wait – I had some serious RL issues, plus that the baby is due in 14 days, so yea well.. I cant really sit in front of the computer for so long.

Hugs Az
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The song "her mantle so green" is a trad irish (I think) folk song. I only used some of the lyrics here.

Hugs Az
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I'm sorry for the delay on this chapter (15), and the shortness of it - but as some of you might know i had the baby - if you are curious its a boy and he's doing fine... but i have been rahter busy, and havent had time to write.. RL is a bitch sometimes.
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Chapter 18 is dedicated to Morgana - remember; it takes 35 muscles to frown and only 4 to flip the bird. And then say "Bite me!" *hugs*
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If the gaelic is translated wrong, don't lynch me, I cant speak gaelic – but I tried ok? – sorry for the long wait for this chapter, but you will proberly have to wait a bit longer for the next, because I am going on a weekend at my mothers *le sigh* - I know... but I promised.
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