The Wisdom of Men by Jenna the Evil Pixie


Summary: The story of Finrod Felagund, King of Nargothrond, 'Friend of Men', whose fate was and forever shall be intertwined with that of the kin of Beor the Old, the first house of the Edain. The bits of it that Tolkien accidentally *cough* left out, that is.
Rating: Teenage Audience [Reviews - 0]
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Characters: Balan (BĂ«or), Barahir, Beren, Finrod
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Chapter: 3 | Completed: Yes | Words: 5946 | Read: 5471
Published: August 05, 2012 | Updated: August 05, 2012

Story notes: Warnings: Blatant re-arrangement of events to suit self; other than that, not much. If you haven't read the Silmarillion, this won't make much sense. If you have, it probably still won't make much sense.

1. Chapter 1 by Jenna the Evil Pixie [Reviews - 0] (1413 words)
The quote that started me off: "Long Felagund watched them, and love for them stirred in his heart;" – Chapter 17 of the Silmarillion, 'Of the Coming of Men into the West'
2. Chapter 2 by Jenna the Evil Pixie [Reviews - 0] (1715 words)
Felagund teaches Balan 'true knowledge' Balan teaches Felagund a few other things...
3. Chapter 3 by Jenna the Evil Pixie [Reviews - 0] (2818 words)
Summary: On the way back to Nargothrond, Felagund and BĂ«or both wonder about the reception they shall receive among the Elves. A stop in Doriath brings enlightenment, of a sort.