A Lack of Surprise by Elizabeth Wilde


Summary: 'Lijah's got a cru-ush...
Rating: Teenage Audience [Reviews - 2]
Category: RPS, RPS > Elijah Wood/Viggo Mortensen, RPS > Viggo Mortensen/Elijah Wood
Characters: Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen
Type: None
Warning: None
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapter: 1 | Completed: Yes | Words: 1159 | Read: 2035
Published: April 22, 2008 | Updated: April 22, 2008

Story notes: It's... well, it's fluff. Really fluffy fluff. But, hey, that's good every now and then, right? I can always angst it up later. For now, I just wanted to write a quick, late night bit of cotton candy-like happiness.

1. Chapter 1 by Elizabeth Wilde [Reviews - 2] (1159 words)