Even in Death by Rosalyn Angel


Summary: "I died. I followed him. Where did I lose my way?"
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Characters: Haldir of Lothlórien, Legolas
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Chapter: 1 | Completed: Yes | Words: 2719 | Read: 1384
Published: August 11, 2009 | Updated: August 11, 2009

Story notes: ... egads. ^_^ B E W A R E! This is a SEQUEL to my fic "Anywhere," and I'm very frightened it's going to ruin the original! I had this in mind after finishing "Anywhere," as some may be able to tell from the cryptic ending of it (the last line, "Farewell," got people to send me e-mails basically saying: "What happened? Aren't they together now? Why did Haldir say bye?"). So, I said to myself: "Self, why are you leaving these poor people in the dark? Why did you end it so cruelly there? Are you really that sadistic?... yes, self, I know I am; but that's not the point."

I'm just really struggling with making this story as good as, or perhaps better than, the original. I would hate for it to ruin anyone's views or thoughts on the first one, so I'm really iffy on posting this up; but so many people asked me what had happened. And I thought I could slip that by you guys in the ending; but no! All of you are just too smart for me. ^_^

Again this is in Legolas' POV, set after "Anywhere." (I strongly urge you to read that first, if you haven't, or else you might be like: ". . . what's going on?" It can be found on www.fanfiction.net under my pen name of Rosalyn Angel since this story would be posted up with it as a second chapter of sorts, or at www.libraryofmoria.com; it is also scattered across the internet in various places. Bwahah!) This also deals with my view of the *agony* of Mandos' Halls and the absolution it brings at the end. It's... *very strange*, darker than the original (I like to think so, at least)! Be warned: if you were content/happy with the ending of "Anywhere," you might not want to read this. I wouldn't want to ruin your view on it!

Once more- *is afraid of writing sequels in general* o_o;; *prays it'll be all right*

1. Chapter 1 by Rosalyn Angel [Reviews - 0] (2719 words)