A Speech of Love by Anna


Summary: A night too pretty to miss. Very romantic, but if I can do it without blushing too much I'll write another chapter. (Nasty thoughts in head).
Rating: General Audience [Reviews - 0]
Category: RPS, RPS > Dominic Monaghan/Billy Boyd, RPS > Billy Boyd/Dominic Monaghan
Characters: Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan
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Chapter: 1 | Completed: No | Words: 1094 | Read: 2278
Published: April 21, 2008 | Updated: April 21, 2008

Story notes: If the English is bad in some places, please tell me. I'm from Sweden so some of what I wrote must sound silly. =P

1. Chapter 1 by Anna [Reviews - 0] (1094 words)
To my best friend Emma, who was the first to read this, although she doesn't understand my fascination of slash. *lol*