Beta List

Dear writer,

The Beta Reader Index is composed of people who asked to be listed. We do not accept any responsibility over the outcome of your interaction, but we will remove a beta if an author presents a well-founded complaint.

When asking someone to beta your fic be polite. Don't send your fic before the beta accepts the job. Let the beta know the approximate length of the fic, pairings, any warnings and what are your expectations (do you only want a grammar checkup or are you looking for full editing). After the job is done, thank the beta in the header section of your fic.

Dear beta reader,

Want to be on the list? Want your info altered? Let us know!. Don't forget to include the following information: NAME, EMAIL, PAIRINGS, RATINGS, RPS (yes/no).

When dealing with authors be quick, clear and honest: if you don't want to beta the fic u want to, let them know how much time you expect to need, before accepting the job.

You hated the story... if it's just the writing, be polite. If the author should have warned you of squick issues, let us know.

Alassë Any (mxm preferred) Any, doesn't really matter. Yes, why not?
Joey I can edit if that's more to an authors preference. Been a LOTR fan for about 30 years, I'm fairly good at canon. Slash is fine; no chan (under age characters); no hobbits; no het. Any Yes
Nuinzilien Elf/Elf, Elf/Man, M/F, M/M, M/M/M, M/M/F. No Blood/Breathplay, Scat, Golden Shower, Explicit Torture Any No
Orondo Brandybuck Any, but I'd rather avoid MPREG and fluff. I'm very familiar with both the books and the movies, and will help you keep to canon, if you wish. I'm a grammar fiend, so don't be taken aback by the virtual red pen: I do that to everyone, including myself! Finally, I'm 'specially partial to angsty stories involving Frodo. Any, but R or milder usually preferred, since these usually are better-written than NC17s. No

As an alternative (that we do not run) with more specific beta info, check out the Lord of the Rings Beta Readers Index.