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Summary: Many elves only thought of him as a book-worm, but Erestor's so much more. Not only is he old, but he's always had this little gift; not only is he skilled with many weapons, but he can Shadow-shift. For those of you who don't know, it's teleporting between shadows. Lets just say no one else knows about it.
Categories: FPS, FPS > Celeborn/Haldir, FPS > Elrond/?, FPS > Erestor/?, FPS > Glorfindel/?, FPS > Thranduil/? Characters: None
Summary: Legolas/Haldir, Haldir/Legolas' twin. legolas has a twin,but all this time its been a secret to everyone, including his father. i dont know, maybe in childbirth, the second legolas just kinda rolled away and was picked up by some crazy elf lady that claimed him as her child, and coincidently named him legolas too. anyways, fast forward to now, legolas and haldir are together after the escape of moria in lorien. GIVE SOME HOT SEX!! and of course, legolas doesnt want to leave, but has to, so blah blha give some mushy stuff about how legolas and haldir say good bye and such, and extra points if theres any quicky sex with peeping toms!! so then a bunch of stuff happens, and pretend haldir DOESNT die at helms deep, even though in reality he didnt even go there, but i guess im going by the movie, but yeah im rambling. after the battle, haldir sees legolas adn they steel away into a corner and haldir starts putting the moves on him and all that good stuff like that *please, lots lots lots of detail!!* and they go into a room to know each otehr better. well in the mids of their fun, legolas walks into the room. yes thats right, haldir was with legolas' twin. so leggi is all sad and stuff, and it has to take a while before haldir can explain to him what acually happened, cause legolas starts to fade adn stuff, but at the last minute, as legolas is lying on his deathbed, with tears running down his face, in haldirs arms, he finds out everything that happens, and poof, hes better and they fuck again. hm...see if you could fit a threesome in there too if you want between the two legolases and haldir. youll get extra points for that. yes. HAVE FUN, AND REMEMBER, details details details. oh and the line "im your birthday cake, haldir" should be in there somewhere, just to make things a bit cheery. ok, and good luck!!
Categories: FPS > Haldir/Legolas, FPS, FPS > Legolas/Haldir Characters: Haldir of LothlĂłrien, Legolas
Summary: One night, Steward Faramir wakes up with a jolt to find himself tied to his own bed: blindfolded, gagged, naked and – oh, Valar! – in the company of another man. Faramir’s initial indignation and anger are soon replaced by fear, once he understands this is no silly joke and the stranger has quite serious purposes – and Faramir can neither free himself nor call for help. However, once he stops struggling, he realises his guest has no intention of hurting him, and is in fact being rather gentle and patient. So, given his lack of options, Faramir cooperates, and actually quite enjoys himself… But he has not an inkling who his lover is – even when the scarf from his mouth is removed to let them kiss and he begs for a name, the stranger gives no reply. Faramir cannot even tell whether it is Man or Elf. He has a smooth face, but so do many Men in Minas Tirith (now, let us assume that Aragorn, since Professor T had never said otherwise, does shave at least once in a while – so technically it could be him also). Faramir never gets another visit – but has to admit that he would actually like to. So here is the mystery part: he wants to find out who it was he had shared his bed with, and ask him some questions and possibly, well, do some things. I would like there to be some good suspense, preferably three likely candidates, each with some points in favour of him being Faramir’s nightly guest – please keep us guessing until the very end. And, well, how things develop after the discovery is up to you.
Categories: FPS, FPS > Faramir/? Characters: None

The Organization for Transformative Works declared February 15 the International Day of Fanworks.

This day celebrates all forms of fan creativity and we, at the Library of Moria, support it.

We would like to invite both readers and writers to join us in a small, fun challenge, in the likeness of the one the , from the Silmarillion Writers Guild is organizing. You are also welcome to post under this challenge works that you have prepared for other challenges, as long as their rules allow it. :)

Writers - It's mini fic time!
So little time, so many pairings, eh? To make it easier for you, we are only challenging you to write a drabble (double and triple drabbles are ok too) or a flash fic (we'll set you a writing time up to 30 minutes). To participate, comment here and state whether you want a drabble, and we'll feed you a prompt.

If you want to write flash fic, and we'll give you a time (honour system - if we give you 15 minutes, it's your job to keep track; editing time is not included). For flash fics there is no prompt.

You can also use Tumblr or email us (

Your prompt sucks? Well, forget it and chose one of the old challenges or hit the random pairing generators (m/m, f/f) - we just want people to have fun! Post your challenge to the LoM in reply to the challenge on February 15 and reply to the challenge issued there. On February 15 we will list all the participants and spread the love. :)

Reviewers - The 5 review challenge
Reviewing is hard! How many times have I read an amazing fic and then found no suitable word to tell the writer how much I loved it. Your challenge is this: comment here claiming up to three pairings, slash, femslash or RPS and RPS-femslash.

Then your job is to review 5 stories within the pairings you claimed. The review doesn't have to be an essay but you need to write more than 'loved it' (it has to be at least 10 words long). Highlight something you really loved. Post the stories you selected here, so that we can make a roundup with them on February 15.

Fanartists, Podficcers, other media fans
Join us with your gifts - you are very welcome!

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