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Summary: Faramir is invited to Legolas’ Ithilien residence for the celebrating the Elf’s 2,532nd birthday. Towards the morning, the host and a handful of the sturdiest guests, including Faramir, set to playing a card game, an Elven version of strip-poker. The rest, I expect, needs no further explanation on my behalf.
Categories: FPS, RPS > ?/?, FPS > Faramir/?, FPS > Legolas/? Characters: None
Summary: A bit of Viggo/Legolas Flashbacks - Haldir/Glorfindel. Viggo and Craig hung out as buddies. The year is 12 August, 2002. Something happens to those two and they end up in Middle Earth, Rivendell. The year is after the War of the Rings and the elves did not go to the Undying Land following this. Glorfindel's lover is Haldir, who died in Helm's Deep. Glorfindel was heartbroken. But the twins and Legolas ask him to go Hunting with them. Glorfindel, Legolas and the twins find Viggo and Craig fighting with some Orcs. When Glorfindel first saw Craig, he thought Craig was Haldir. Craig was cut by an Orc and after that he start to have a high fever. The Elves and Viggo take him to Rivendell to Lord Elrond. Viggo is so tired and falls asleep, but Legolas wakes him up...And he asked Orlando to stop playing a fool with him... Legolas said 'Who is Orlando?. And Who are you?' Glorfindel takes care of Craig. Viggo pop into the room with Legolas after seeing Rivendell and is a bit shocked that he and Craig are in the real Middle-earth.... Glorfindel sings to Craig because Craig was having bad dreams... song is from Saliva 'Bleed for me' Craig got well and started to fall for Glorfindel. Viggo and Craig were called by Elrond, who asks them some questions. Craig asked Elrond if he look like one guy called Haldir, because Glorfindel always calls him that. Elrond told him yes, and told them about Glorfindel and Haldir's story. Flashbacks - Glorfindel and Haldir were having fun and singing and hunting. And one part where Glorfindel and Haldir were in Helm's deep. Glorfindel saw Haldir getting axed by an Uruk-Hai. Glorfindel took Haldir's body to the Rivendell where he buried him, and Glorfindel locked himself for weeks. Legolas's Flashback - Legolas was in love with Aragorn, but did not tell him...Aragorn married Arwen. When Legolas was thinking of the past, Viggo popped in and said hi to Legolas. For the next few months or years, Viggo and Craig stay in Rivendell. Craig got close to Glorfindel and Viggo got close to Legolas. They sometime go riding to Mirkwood, the Golden Wood, Gondor etc. Glorfindel asks Craig to marry/bond with him. Craig said yes! And the Big Wedding. Glorfindel Sing to Craig: the song is 'Bring Me to Life' by Evanescence. Many months after the Wedding Galadriel and Celeborn found a path for Viggo and Craig to go back to their world. But Craig did not want to. Celeborn told them that this was their last path road to their world. If they did not go back to their world, the path would be closed and they would be in Middle earth forever. Viggo and Craig have to go. But Glorfindel give Craig his ring. And told him that he will find Craig if it takes him forever. Viggo and Craig went back to their real world... When they woke up they were in the NZ Hospital And Viggo ask what date was it. Elijah said that it was 23 August 2002 and they were in a coma. Viggo and Craig was shocked. After the LOTR cast and people left their room, Viggo ask Craig if the Middle-earth thing was real. Craig said that he didn't know. But he found Glorfindel's ring on him.... For a about a year later, Craig was very sad and lonely. He sometime hung out with Viggo or Orlando or Hugo weaving. In One of the party in NZ, the ending of the filming for the LOTR, Craig was sitting in somewhere at the lake side looking at Glorfindel's ring... The Background Music in the party was Evanescence 'My Immortal'. And someone walked in by Craig side and said, 'Do you know that it is so hard and painful to find you, Craig?' Craig knew who that person's voice was and turned around. It was Glorfindel in modern clothes but still looking the same. The eyes, the face, the hair (he will never cut his hair. lol) Craig hugs him and cries. Viggo saw Craig and Glorfindel. He was very happy for him. And Craig saw Viggo and ran to him and said that Glorfindel is here! Glorfindel asked Craig and Viggo if they were to go with him to see the rest. They said yes. Viggo kind of missed Legolas. And they left with Glorfindel to the Undying land or Middle-earth to see Elrond and the rest. Glorfindel and Craig live happy ever after... (Craig became an elf). It can be PG-13, G , R, NC 17.
Categories: RPS, FPS Characters: Craig Parker, Glorfindel

The Organization for Transformative Works declared February 15 the International Day of Fanworks.

This day celebrates all forms of fan creativity and we, at the Library of Moria, support it.

We would like to invite both readers and writers to join us in a small, fun challenge, in the likeness of the one the , from the Silmarillion Writers Guild is organizing. You are also welcome to post under this challenge works that you have prepared for other challenges, as long as their rules allow it. :)

Writers - It's mini fic time!
So little time, so many pairings, eh? To make it easier for you, we are only challenging you to write a drabble (double and triple drabbles are ok too) or a flash fic (we'll set you a writing time up to 30 minutes). To participate, comment here and state whether you want a drabble, and we'll feed you a prompt.

If you want to write flash fic, and we'll give you a time (honour system - if we give you 15 minutes, it's your job to keep track; editing time is not included). For flash fics there is no prompt.

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Reviewers - The 5 review challenge
Reviewing is hard! How many times have I read an amazing fic and then found no suitable word to tell the writer how much I loved it. Your challenge is this: comment here claiming up to three pairings, slash, femslash or RPS and RPS-femslash.

Then your job is to review 5 stories within the pairings you claimed. The review doesn't have to be an essay but you need to write more than 'loved it' (it has to be at least 10 words long). Highlight something you really loved. Post the stories you selected here, so that we can make a roundup with them on February 15.

Fanartists, Podficcers, other media fans
Join us with your gifts - you are very welcome!

Categories: FPS, Femslash, RPS, RPS-Femslash, Fanart Characters: None

Summary: Through some wizarding accident Legolas and Orlando Bloom switch places. Orlando was in his costume so there should be a moment where he takes the wig and the pointy ears off in front of other elves to prove he's not Legolas. The only real guidelines are that Orlando and Viggo are not yet in a relationship but they both like each other, while Legolas and Aragorn have been lovers for many years now. It would be cool if there could be a scene where the actors and director find out that Legolas is Aragorn's lover not Arwen. How Legolas and Orlando explore the new worlds open to them is up to you, but at the end they must both return to their proper world and Orlando and Viggo should get together.
Categories: RPS, FPS Characters: Aragorn, Legolas, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen
Summary: RPS, Inter-species. Legolas meets Orlando Bloom and finds himself strangely attracted to this human version of himself. Does it think the same way he does? Does it react to pleasure as he does? R preferred.
Categories: RPS > Orlando Bloom/?, FPS > Legolas/? Characters: None
Summary: No idea how it could work, but I'd love to read about them.
Categories: RPS, FPS Characters: Arwen, Liv Tyler
Summary: An unsuspecting young actor finds himself in Middle-earth and meets up with a certain elven archer. Yes, that's right: Orlando Bloom meets Legolas. The two *must* be separate people, separate minds, separate thoughts - with no acknowledgement that one plays the other in real life. They do not recognize or acknowledge a resemblance between them: they are entirely different people. (Orlando would be an AU Orlando who had not acted in 'LotR,' though little inside jokes to the readers are just fine.) Just a lovely, slashy little story of modern man Orlando and immortal Elf Legolas. NC-17, please and 'in character' as much as slash allows. Orlando himself should prove to be an example of that adage 'there are no straight men, only men who haven't met Legolas.' Must-haves: a primarily dominant Legolas, preceded by a sexy bit of grappling for that dominance; a journey or hunt that puts them out in the wilds alone together; Legolas teaching Orlando fighting skills; passionate bewilderment as to how to open clothes from a different time period. Bonus points for a serious fic and extra special bonus points for the avoidance of narcissism (i.e. no acknowledgement that both are gorgeous and similar in appearance), either direct or implied.
Categories: RPS, FPS Characters: Legolas, Orlando Bloom
Summary: After the 2004 Oscar ceremony there was a post-Oscar party where Billy Boyd sang "Jean (You Let Me Get Lucky with You") My idea is this: write a fic called "Bean, You Let Me Get Lucky with You" pairing Billy Boyd with Sean Bean. In it Billy must use his lovely voice to seduce Sean Bean. To make it more interesting have Billy be the catcher and Sean the pitcher.
Categories: RPS Characters: Billy Boyd, Sean Bean
Summary: Rating: 15 and up, preferably higher. I can really picture Dom being all angsty about having a crush on a guy, then enter Viggo to make it all better... Heehee!
Categories: RPS > Viggo Mortensen/Dominic Monaghan, RPS, RPS > Dominic Monaghan/Viggo Mortensen Characters: Dominic Monaghan, Viggo Mortensen
Summary: This has to focus on the real actors, Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom, somehow turning into the actual characters they play in the movie (e.g. Orlando Bloom grows elf ears or something). You could use some ancient magical artifact found while they were filming, and they could also be transported to Middle-earth.
Categories: FPS, RPS Characters: Aragorn, Legolas, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen
Summary: Terms: Remember the interview on the second special features disc of FOTR when Sean's talking about life imitating art, taking care of Elwood and getting a locksmith for his apartment? Expand on that, NC-17, as long as possible, angst, friendship that turns to love that turns to lust, that sort of thing
Categories: RPS > Elijah Wood/Sean Astin, RPS, RPS > Sean Astin/Elijah Wood Characters: Elijah Wood, Sean Astin
Summary: Sean Bean gets transported to Middle-earth. Wow isn't that original?? If you decide to focus on the world of feelings I'd advice it to be after the war so they have more time to spend. So little Sean as I said is transported to ME and gets some attention for his beauty and strange manners. It's up to your creativity how you'll deal with the language thing and if he will look like Boromir or not. It is also up to you if in the frantic Sean never starred the movie, or if it was just before or just after he did it. I think the best settings for this fic is either one of the three elven realms or Gondor but as I said, it's all up to you. PLEASE NO Sean/Hobbit, Dwarf, Orc or anything vile. Extra points if he's admirer is one of the three: Aragorn, Legolas or Elrond. Extra points if this ME inhabitant is just so in love everyone can tell (but Seany) and tells his friends (I love when guys share feelings... sorry). IF you choose Aragorn EXTRA points if he leaves Arwen and she gets a happy ending (we don't want her sad), I always picture her with Haldir but if you wanna make it f/f feel free. EXTRE EXTRA point if it has a happy ending either on Middle Earth or our world. Any rating. Romance, you can make it Drama but I'd rather a light mood to it, just no Humor ok? Make it long. I know it's a lot left up to your imaginations but it's better than to put too many limits, after all it will be your creation. I mean no harm to Sean Bean actually only good things, but he's so good looking I had to do this.
Categories: RPS, FPS Characters: Sean Bean

This is fic is very dark....

In a futuristic universe, slavery is legal and widely practiced, especially among the elite. Free people can be slaves only if they choose to be (by willingly signing an aggrement to forfeit their freedom), or if they were born into it. There are two types of slaves, those who can be freed by their masters and others can't be freed and must remain slaves all their lives as well as their offesprings, called the untouchables. institutions that train and sell slaves are present all over the country. 

Orlando Bloom, a famous human right activist, has made many enemies by fighting and attempting to abolish slavery...ones who wanted him silenced, either by death or by something else more profitable to them....

one night, he was kidnapped and taken to a slavery training institution to be turned into an untouchable slave, before passing him into the highest bidder.

Needless to say, the story must contian non-con, humilition, BDSM, and so on.

Good Luck

Categories: RPS, RPS > Orlando Bloom/? Characters: Orlando Bloom
Summary: Created by Azzy & Chaotic_binky. Basically what you need is to write two fics, one dark and one light, it is totally up to you how you want to define light and dark, just make sure that you manage to get it across to the reader. With that i mean that you have to make it pretty clear if it is the dark or the light fic you're reading as the reader. There is but one real rule; You must keep at least one character through both stories, though the pairring can vary (ex: Elrond/Erestor, Elrond/Celeborn) But you can keep the same pairring for both stories of course. Now have fun, and unleash those muses!
Categories: FPS, RPS Characters: None