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Summary: There is this one fic I'm dying to read, but don't have the talent to write myself. Why, oh why, has no one done an Arwen/Elanor fic? Doesn't it say in the book that Sam & Rosie's oldest daughter Elanor went to serve Lady Arwen as one her maids? Well, what if she was more than a maid? I don't really care what rating this ends up as, I just think it would make an interesting fic.
Categories: Femslash > Elanor/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/Elanor Characters: Arwen, Elanor
Summary: Arwen has always been very sexually active since she was very young, and has had a lot of both male and female lovers. Now that she has betrothed Aragorn at Cerin Amroth, she feels ashamed of her past life, and she thinks the best way to clean her mind would be to tell everything about that affaires to Galadriel. At first, her grandmother listen to her calmly, but little by little she feels more and more aroused by Arwen’s descriptions, until she can’t resist it no more and jumps over Arwen and... well, imagine what can happen next.
Categories: Femslash > Galadriel/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/Galadriel Characters: Arwen, Galadriel
Summary: After leaving Gondolin, Aredhel goes to Nargothrond and seduces her young and innocent niece.
Categories: Femslash > Finduilas/Aredhel, FPS, Femslash > Aredhel/Finduilas Characters: Aredhel, Finduilas of Nargothrond
Summary: Because lesbian erotic goddess worship is exactly what Tolkien deserves ;-)
Categories: Femslash > Galadriel/Elbereth, FPS, Femslash > Elbereth/Galadriel Characters: Elbereth, Galadriel
Summary: Éowyn needs to be shown that a woman can fight and also love, and who could teach her better than Galadriel?
Categories: Femslash > Galadriel/Éowyn, FPS, Femslash > Éowyn/Galadriel Characters: Éowyn, Galadriel
Summary: In the early days of Arda, Melian finds the she-elf to be too hard to resist, even for a Maia.
Categories: Femslash > Melian/Galadriel, FPS, Femslash > Galadriel/Melian Characters: Galadriel, Melian
Summary: Arwen finds her life as Aragorn's wife lonely, as he often leaves her alone to perform his duties. Yet life begins to be more interesting when Elanor Gamgee is sent to be her maid of honor. Arwen/Elanor.
Categories: Femslash > Elanor/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/Elanor Characters: Arwen, Elanor
Summary: The night before her wedding, Arwen is worried about the feelings of Éowyn towards Aragorn, so she goes to her chamber to speak with her and put things clear. While the conversation takes place, Éowyn discovers amazed that it's neither the Steward nor the King of Gondor she is attracted to, but the Queen! Better R or NC-17.
Categories: Femslash > Éowyn/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/Éowyn Characters: Arwen, Éowyn
Summary: Arwen travels to Rohan and fights in Helm's Deep (you know, as it was originally meant to be in the movies). There, she meets Éowyn, who of course hates her, because she sees her as the woman that keeps Aragorn away from her. Later, when the army of Rohan is riding to Gondor, Arwen is the only one who recognizes Éowyn's disguise, and she talks to her the whole time. Éowyn realizes she is a good woman, and they become friends. Then, they fight together in the fields of Pelennor, they get injured, and they recover at the Houses of Healing. There they talk a lot, and Éowyn realizes she didn't love Aragorn, but his glory. What neither of them realizes is that her friendship has evolved into something deeper: love. One day, after the war is over, Aragorn and Arwen are getting married before thousands of people in Minas Tirith, but just then Arwen looks deep into her heart and finds that it is Éowyn who she really loves, and so she tells everybody. Aragorn, although broken-hearted, is generous, and suggests not to stop the wedding, but simply put Éowyn in his place. The lady from Rohan willfully accepts, and the first lesbian wedding in the history of Middle-earth takes place in Minas Tirith.
Categories: Femslash > Éowyn/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/Éowyn Characters: Arwen, Éowyn
Summary: Eowyn is jealous of Arwen. They mudwrestle. End up as something more than friends... Rated R or above, no serious bloodshed, happy ending.
Categories: Femslash > Éowyn/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/Éowyn Characters: Arwen, Éowyn
Summary: It has to be between Arwen and Galadriel but at first Arwen has to have no idea that Galariel is her grandmother and on her first trip to Lothlorien, Arwen forms a bond with Galadriel and when Arwen returns home, her father tells her that Galadriel is her grandmother. at some stage the story has to involve Elrond walking in on Arwen and Galadriel either 'bonding' or sleeping together.
Categories: Femslash > Galadriel/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/Galadriel Characters: Arwen, Galadriel
Summary: Completely AU. Rewrite the "In the house of Tom Bombadil" chapter (of course you don't have to make it so long). But without Tom Bombadil. Why? Because, as we all know, Goldberry is an openly lesbian that lives in the Old Forest with her lover Arwen (we don't want Aragorn in this fic. Go away, you stupid Ranger!) . When the Hobbits arrive, the ladies teach them (can be graphic) that it's not wrong to love someone of your own sex. Of course, our four friends are quick learners!
Categories: Femslash > Goldberry/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/Goldberry Characters: Arwen, Goldberry
Summary: Elanor Gamgee is lady-in-waiting to Queen Arwen Undómiel, and she's mostly very happy there, but just a little bit disappointed. She's always secretly envied her father's adventuring past (having no idea how terrible it really was), and she was hoping for more stories about battle and honor and derring-do, but the ladies at court don't talk about things like that at all! So she's delighted to meet a real former warrior-woman, the King and Queen's dear friend the Lady Éowyn. Now, Éowyn's a bit sad about her past and doesn't usually like to talk about it, but with a bit of persistent hobbit prodding she opens up and talks, and even revisits her former self enough to teach Elanor some riding and sword work. Maybe they even have to really fight something; maybe this training saves their lives. Anyway of course it leads to other things... yay for warrior-bonds between women!
Categories: Femslash > Éowyn/Elanor, FPS, Femslash > Elanor/Éowyn Characters: Elanor, Éowyn

The Organization for Transformative Works declared February 15 the International Day of Fanworks.

This day celebrates all forms of fan creativity and we, at the Library of Moria, support it.

We would like to invite both readers and writers to join us in a small, fun challenge, in the likeness of the one the , from the Silmarillion Writers Guild is organizing. You are also welcome to post under this challenge works that you have prepared for other challenges, as long as their rules allow it. :)

Writers - It's mini fic time!
So little time, so many pairings, eh? To make it easier for you, we are only challenging you to write a drabble (double and triple drabbles are ok too) or a flash fic (we'll set you a writing time up to 30 minutes). To participate, comment here and state whether you want a drabble, and we'll feed you a prompt.

If you want to write flash fic, and we'll give you a time (honour system - if we give you 15 minutes, it's your job to keep track; editing time is not included). For flash fics there is no prompt.

You can also use Tumblr or email us (

Your prompt sucks? Well, forget it and chose one of the old challenges or hit the random pairing generators (m/m, f/f) - we just want people to have fun! Post your challenge to the LoM in reply to the challenge on February 15 and reply to the challenge issued there. On February 15 we will list all the participants and spread the love. :)

Reviewers - The 5 review challenge
Reviewing is hard! How many times have I read an amazing fic and then found no suitable word to tell the writer how much I loved it. Your challenge is this: comment here claiming up to three pairings, slash, femslash or RPS and RPS-femslash.

Then your job is to review 5 stories within the pairings you claimed. The review doesn't have to be an essay but you need to write more than 'loved it' (it has to be at least 10 words long). Highlight something you really loved. Post the stories you selected here, so that we can make a roundup with them on February 15.

Fanartists, Podficcers, other media fans
Join us with your gifts - you are very welcome!

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