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Summary: Pippin/Boromir, Merry/Pippin. MPRG, Romance, Angst. NC-17. Pippin discovers he is in trouble and goes to Boromir (perhaps in Rivendell) to explain he is carrying his child, Boromir shuns him for being a freak and drops him completely. Pippin runs to Merry and cries, telling him about his relationship with Boromir and now the child. Merry feels horribly guilty as he happened to have discovered Pippin's relationship with Boromir and had been putting Elvish fertility potion into Pippin's drinks to give him a scare and get him out of the relationship. He tells Pippin he will support him and they go to see an Elf healer, Merry thinking she will say that Pippin only has signs and is not with child, but she revealed that yes he is pregnant. They continue along happily for a while, Merry pretending to the world and himself that he is the father of Pippin's child, he gets drunk one night and tells some gossipy person the truth about what he did. Pippin now knows about the fertility potion and his horrified, Merry finally realizes the only reason he did it was because he loved Pippin and wanted him to leave Boromir and be with him. Pippin miscarries the child (because any human baby being born by a hobbit will probably kill the hobbit) and Boromir comes back (not dead! no Merry and Pippin on the quest) and attempts to rekindle the relationship, Merry slowly gets himself more and more drunk to ignore the fact Pippin is again with Boromir. Pippin shows up in his room, bottle of elvish fertility potion in hand asking if Merry would like to try it again. and they live happily ever after! Boromir must be a nice person just freaked about the whole baby thing.
Categories: FPS Characters: Boromir, Merry, Pippin