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Summary: 10 years or so before the War of the Ring, a political meeting is held between the realms of Men at Dol-Amroth. Boromir, Faramir, Imrahil, Theodred and even a young Éomer arrive at the warm sandy beaches of Belfalas. Here's the challenging part, A FIVESOME ENSUES! It must be strictly NC-17, maybe a bit of angst/jealousy, definitely lust between the characters. A bit of romance on the beach. Arguments at the political meeting which are resolved with hot sex. Incest between the brothers Boromir and Faramir is approved.
Categories: FPS Characters: Boromir, Éomer, Faramir, Imrahil, Théodred
Summary: It would be cool if someone would write a humorous story set during the Fellowship's time in Rivendell. They decide to play a game like soccer or something similar so they get to know each other a bit better before setting out. It must include: All members of the Fellowship! An Elven cheerleading team (with Legolas joining in from time to time!) Pippin tackling Boromir with the help of Merry just before Boromir scores at least in some part of the story; Lots of commentary from ...? Refereeing maybe a mid game punch up?; Cheating with magic by Gandalf; Dodgy passes... * could work both ways in the game and out * Pairings? Boromir/Pippin/Merry, Frodo/Sam *pg*
Categories: FPS > Boromir/Merry/Pippin, FPS, FPS > Sam/Frodo, FPS > Frodo/Sam Characters: Boromir, Frodo, Merry, Pippin, Sam