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Men are enslaved by the Elves for long time. Elves are forbbined to have any kind of contact with their slaves until they reach a certain age. One day, driven by curiosity, the young prince of all the elves, Prince Legolas sneaks in to the slaves' camps and meets a young man by the name of Aragorn, the lives of the two change when the two fall in love...

Categories: FPS > Aragorn/Legolas, FPS Characters: Aragorn, Legolas

Aragorn and Legolas are married and living happily with each other...but, they can't have a child (for the obvious reason) or everytime the elven prince gets pregnant, he misscarried after a short time due to unknown reasons... aragorn's advisers ask aragorn to sire a heir from another(take a missterss) but when the man refused, they go to legolas and ask him to persuade the king to sire an heir to the throne... brokenhearted but not wishing to deny aragorn fatherhood, legolas manage to make aragorn agree to sire a child from a missterss who plans to take legolas' place in the palace and in aragorn's life....

Categories: FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Legolas Characters: None

Celeborn and Thranduil were lovers once and Thranduil got preg with Legolas from his lover and tells him. But Celeborn leaves Thranduil alone, saying that he doesn't want anything to do with the child. Thranduil keeps his son and raise him. What happened when Legolas goes to the goldenwoods during the fellowship and comes face to face with his sire?? Whether Legoloas knows who's his sire or not is up to you!

Categories: FPS > Celeborn/Thranduil, FPS Characters: None

With Legolas as Beauty and of course, Aragorn as the beast ;)

The rest of the details are up to you

Categories: FPS > Aragorn/Legolas, FPS Characters: None
Summary: a pic taken from my fic Chains of Gold
Categories: Fanart, FPS Characters: Aragorn, Legolas
Summary: Aragorn must marry Legolas at sword's point. why and how is up to you. However, happy ending, please, with the two falling in love with each other.... Mpreg is optional, but highly encouraged....
Categories: FPS > Aragorn/Legolas Characters: None

Aragorn and Legolas are happily married for many years. but as the tim goes by, Aragorn became old and grey while Legolas remained young and beautiful. What would happen when Aragorn starts to look at his husband and feel insecure about their relationship, their love and the elf's feelings towards him? Add to that, the King's growing jealousy towards his elf in the midst of others' obvious enchantment to his golden beauty? Extra points for happy ending and Mpreg.

Categories: FPS > Aragorn/Legolas, FPS Characters: None

Legolas is pregnant with Aragorn's child but the man tells his elf to get rid of the child for whatever reason. What will be Legolas' reaction? Bounce Points if the two are married and happily living with each other but the King still doesn't want a child....

Categories: FPS > Aragorn/Legolas, FPS Characters: None

This is fic is very dark....

In a futuristic universe, slavery is legal and widely practiced, especially among the elite. Free people can be slaves only if they choose to be (by willingly signing an aggrement to forfeit their freedom), or if they were born into it. There are two types of slaves, those who can be freed by their masters and others can't be freed and must remain slaves all their lives as well as their offesprings, called the untouchables. institutions that train and sell slaves are present all over the country. 

Orlando Bloom, a famous human right activist, has made many enemies by fighting and attempting to abolish slavery...ones who wanted him silenced, either by death or by something else more profitable to them....

one night, he was kidnapped and taken to a slavery training institution to be turned into an untouchable slave, before passing him into the highest bidder.

Needless to say, the story must contian non-con, humilition, BDSM, and so on.

Good Luck

Categories: RPS, RPS > Orlando Bloom/? Characters: Orlando Bloom

Not sure it is was done before, but here goes...

Elves are banned from the Kingdom of Men and vice versa...One day, a teengae Prince Aragorn finds a wounded beautiful elf in the woods or in Gondor...instead of killing him, he saves him and treats his wounds. after the elf's depature, the young prince couldn't stop thinking of him and secretly vows to marry no one other than the beautiful elf.

Years later, an adult Aragorn goes into a mission in the name of his father, King Arathorn, to Mirkwood, where he meets the elf he had saved, who happens to be Prince Legolas of Mirkwood. But the elven prince doesn't seem to remember the human who saved him long time ago.

Categories: FPS Characters: Aragorn, Legolas

Lady Gilraen never made it to Rivendell. Instead, she and her son ended up in a human city (your choice) where Aragorn was raised up as a commoner, unaware of his true identity or day he meets up and falls in love with an elven beauty he met accidentally in the forest, an archer named Legolas... It's up to you to decide Gilraen's fate and how Aragorn comes to know of his linage..

Categories: FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Legolas Characters: Aragorn, Gilraen, Legolas