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Summary: Legolas/Haldir, Haldir/Legolas' twin. legolas has a twin,but all this time its been a secret to everyone, including his father. i dont know, maybe in childbirth, the second legolas just kinda rolled away and was picked up by some crazy elf lady that claimed him as her child, and coincidently named him legolas too. anyways, fast forward to now, legolas and haldir are together after the escape of moria in lorien. GIVE SOME HOT SEX!! and of course, legolas doesnt want to leave, but has to, so blah blha give some mushy stuff about how legolas and haldir say good bye and such, and extra points if theres any quicky sex with peeping toms!! so then a bunch of stuff happens, and pretend haldir DOESNT die at helms deep, even though in reality he didnt even go there, but i guess im going by the movie, but yeah im rambling. after the battle, haldir sees legolas adn they steel away into a corner and haldir starts putting the moves on him and all that good stuff like that *please, lots lots lots of detail!!* and they go into a room to know each otehr better. well in the mids of their fun, legolas walks into the room. yes thats right, haldir was with legolas' twin. so leggi is all sad and stuff, and it has to take a while before haldir can explain to him what acually happened, cause legolas starts to fade adn stuff, but at the last minute, as legolas is lying on his deathbed, with tears running down his face, in haldirs arms, he finds out everything that happens, and poof, hes better and they fuck again. hm...see if you could fit a threesome in there too if you want between the two legolases and haldir. youll get extra points for that. yes. HAVE FUN, AND REMEMBER, details details details. oh and the line "im your birthday cake, haldir" should be in there somewhere, just to make things a bit cheery. ok, and good luck!!
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