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Summary: The basic premise of the idea is that Elves have hormonal cycles just like humans do, but they tend to be... drawn out. My Elves that live with me (the three Peredhil males) exposed me to this, when Elrond underwent it... and now Elladan, as well. The name for the condition is 'Ur'andrann' and that translates literally as 'fire/heat-cycle'. What happens to an Elf undergoing this is interesting: the cycle lasts anywhere between a week to a month and a half. Said Elf becomes hormonal. Horny. Irrepressibly. (Most of them are very annoyed when this happens.) The first day of the cycle, they're uncomfortable. The effects of the hormones increase as the days go by, until the cycle hits the peak at about midway through. The few days (1-3) before and during the peak of the cycle (1-4 days), the Elf goes feral. They honestly can't be held responsible for what happens, because the rational part of their brains completely shuts down, shunted to the side by a more primal part of their brains. (If you're a Star Trek fan, it's sort of like the Vulcan thing... but worse.) The other symptoms of this (aside from the obvious) are a marked rise in the Elf's skin temperature and drastic change of eye color. Elrond's, for example, went from grey to black-grey-green... like a storm on the sea at night. His skin was almost searing to the touch. Most Elves can *smell* if another Elf is in heat, because their scent shifts. The challenge? Use this in a fic- it can either be comedy or angst.
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