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Summary: An unsuspecting young actor finds himself in Middle-earth and meets up with a certain elven archer. Yes, that's right: Orlando Bloom meets Legolas. The two *must* be separate people, separate minds, separate thoughts - with no acknowledgement that one plays the other in real life. They do not recognize or acknowledge a resemblance between them: they are entirely different people. (Orlando would be an AU Orlando who had not acted in 'LotR,' though little inside jokes to the readers are just fine.) Just a lovely, slashy little story of modern man Orlando and immortal Elf Legolas. NC-17, please and 'in character' as much as slash allows. Orlando himself should prove to be an example of that adage 'there are no straight men, only men who haven't met Legolas.' Must-haves: a primarily dominant Legolas, preceded by a sexy bit of grappling for that dominance; a journey or hunt that puts them out in the wilds alone together; Legolas teaching Orlando fighting skills; passionate bewilderment as to how to open clothes from a different time period. Bonus points for a serious fic and extra special bonus points for the avoidance of narcissism (i.e. no acknowledgement that both are gorgeous and similar in appearance), either direct or implied.
Categories: RPS, FPS Characters: Legolas, Orlando Bloom