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Summary: Lúthien had to steal the Messenger of Sauron's shapeshifting cloak from Tol-in-Gaurhoth in order to assume her bat-winged shape. Did they meet? Did they fight? Did they strike a deal? Did Lúthien like getting in touch with her dark side?
Categories: FPS Characters: Lúthien, Thuringwethil
Summary: Elanor Gamgee is lady-in-waiting to Queen Arwen Undómiel, and she's mostly very happy there, but just a little bit disappointed. She's always secretly envied her father's adventuring past (having no idea how terrible it really was), and she was hoping for more stories about battle and honor and derring-do, but the ladies at court don't talk about things like that at all! So she's delighted to meet a real former warrior-woman, the King and Queen's dear friend the Lady Éowyn. Now, Éowyn's a bit sad about her past and doesn't usually like to talk about it, but with a bit of persistent hobbit prodding she opens up and talks, and even revisits her former self enough to teach Elanor some riding and sword work. Maybe they even have to really fight something; maybe this training saves their lives. Anyway of course it leads to other things... yay for warrior-bonds between women!
Categories: Femslash > Éowyn/Elanor, FPS, Femslash > Elanor/Éowyn Characters: Elanor, Éowyn