Coranar 6. The Perfect Day by The Tired Scribe

It was late now and Lindefal was walking back along the path along the river's edge. He saw Glorfindel's tall slender form in the dim light, sitting on a large rock looking out over the river as it splashed and bubbled along its stony bed. His ashen hair glowed in the darkness and drifted in the breeze. He smiled in the low light of the dying bonfire across the river. The sounds of the songs had died away and the fire had burned low. Tired celebrants were heading home for comfortable beds and the arms of loved ones.

He patted the rock next to him and said, "Have a seat, keep me company. I am very happy to be home in Rivendell tonight. I have longed for the valley and dinner in the dining hall. I have missed the laughter and the joking and the dancing and the love that is everywhere here." He looked at Lindefal, "I have even missed you old friend."

These things are in Caras Galadhon, but they are not the same somehow. He glanced at Lindefal, and said, "I was happy to see the twins at dinner tonight, their sister misses them as well. But tonight I am home, and I have had my fill of good food, good wine and good friends and wonderful dancing and laughing and love."

He smiled warmly and was happy to sit on the rock in the cool darkness and be back in cosmopolitan Rivendell. The social structure at Caras Galadhon was very strict, and he found it oppressive. Arwen's ready laugh lightened the environment there somewhat, and her pranks both frustrated and delighted her grandparents. Her skills at riding matched her father's now, he thought, there was a mystical bond between them and the animals that bore them. He was supposed to be her chaperone on those outings in the Golden Woods, and she had outraced him every time with laughter floating back in the slipstream between them.

Galadriel had released him as her guest with knowing eyes and a gentle smile. For all her sternness, she knew the truth in the hearts that stood before her, and she was compassionate as well. She saw the desire for home in his eyes and in his heart. Back at Rivendell now, he sat beside Lindefal in the darkness and listened to the river ripple and bubble by along its bed.

In the quiet of the evening came sounds of low voices, moans and giggles from nearby. Galenbrethil's soft laugh floated over the rustling of the reeds around them. Then came the un-mistakable sounds of passion mounting. Glorfindel sat quietly, holding a slender reed from the riverbank twirling in his fingers. A slight smile played across his lips. "See what you missed by going dancing when you did?" he asked softly with a wink. More soft voices carried to them in the evening breeze. They shared a knowing look when cries and panted breaths signaled the culmination of the struggle to find love and peace in the night. The warmth and release and joy they felt flowed outwards in radiating patterns that swept across the two listeners in a pleasant fashion, enabling them to feel the sensations shared by those grappling in love play nearby.

With a little shiver, Glorfindel said, "I am happy for them, it seems they needed each other a great deal tonight." He looked at Lindefal, "They manage together very well, and their auras are something wonderful to feel, even over here. Elrond's is always unique isn't it?" Lindefal just nodded with a smile. He thought back to the night when he and Legolas had stood in the loft unseen and watched Elrond and Erestor below in the study. The wave of warmth and release had not been so strong then, but enough to engage them physically in the wash of emotion. He wondered what the youth had thought; they had never discussed it afterwards. Well, the emotional feedback was just a part of Elven life, and would have been no surprise to Legolas. That was why the sounds of passion were normally discreetly ignored when overheard by accident. Or by plan.

"He seems content these days," continued the quiet and introspective Glorfindel. Lindefal nodded and replied, "We have had a calm autumn and only a few unsettled nights. He has been himself again lately, the past has stayed in the past for a change." Nodding with the smile still playing across his lips, Glorfindal said, "I am glad."

He rose and said, "Lets leave them to their untangling. It feels like it could take them quite awhile to recover. I'm for a tour of the pantry, another glass of wine and bite of that excellent cheese we make so well here, maybe midnight breakfast will be served if enough of us turn up." He rose gracefully and held out his hand, "Coming?" he asked.


Agine after living in the tress
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