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Takes place, just after Celeborn arrives to Imladris and talks to Elladan, –see 'Falling into Temptation' Part: 33 for more details regarding story line. This story takes place exactly between parts 33 & 34 of Falling into Temptation.

Warnings: Detailed sex scene. Might not make much sense if read alone
Celeborn stayed on the entrance to the cave, and his eyes could not help but to be distracted by the naked upper torso of the Galadhrim. Haldir was beautiful, but unlike any other elf Celeborn knew he was also as wild and free as a forest animal. Nothing seemed to be enough to calm the other when upset, or annoyed, and his manners were more than questionable, most of the time.

The silver haired Lord could not complain though, he had never received anything other than respect from the loyal elf. Of course, he considered his position had a lot to do with Haldir's lack of hostility towards him. But, he could not stop wondering what would his favorite guardian look like when tamed, how would Haldir looked like after the throes of passion when his entire body was sated with pleasure and the sensation, of 'belonging' filled his soul; even if that false feeling lasted no more than a couple of seconds.

Sighing, he rubbed tired fingers over his brow; he felt this every time he was near the galadhrim. It might possibly be no more than the spirit of a hunter, wanting to tame a wild animal. For that was what this elf was to Celeborn, a beautiful, wild animal which needed just the right person to finally manage to tame him; making him realize that there was more than sex, than the simple and common 'lay'.

"My Lord?" Haldir inquired quietly from his place within the hot pool of water after noticing Celeborn standing near the entrance. He had no idea the elf Lord was going to join them at Imladris, and he had certainly not heard about the other's arrival at all.

Smiling softly, the Sinda elf raised a calm hand, silently telling Haldir not to get out the water. Instead he moved closer, trying to avoid the fact of been caught blatantly staring at his guardian.

"I have not been informed of your visit, My Lord," the younger elf apologized, glancing at the other crouching by the pool to look at him.

"There is no need to explain Haldir; I have just decided to visit when passing near Imladris on my way to see Cirdan. I merely wished to know if you had had any troubles when traveling here. And what the situation was in Lórien when you left."

"Things were as usual in Lórien, no orc attacks had been reported since the last couple of months before I left; they seem to have grown quiet for some odd reason beyond our explanation," Haldir started to explain before he decided to leave the water. He did not feel very comfortable talking to his Lord in such personal way.

And he had lusted after Celeborn and had not been able to have him since the first time he saw him was proving to be way too tempting, and frustrating all together. Perhaps he was out of luck among blonds; perhaps he should try a dark haired elf for a change. Some proved to be less complicated than blonds, at least the ones he had had as lovers were.

Leaning forward, the elven Lord picked up a towel from the stone bench and, unable to help himself, he let his eyes drift over the naked dripping body when Haldir stood near him. The firm legs, the slightly muscled chest, the perfect shoulders covered by soaked braids of silvery hair. He just wanted to let his hands run along those droplets of water, to push them away from the sure to be smooth skin until the other moaned, starting to get lost in the pleasure he caused. "Here," he said simply instead, meeting the curious eyes that he swore might be reading his mind.

The Galadhrim though, unlike all the other times Celeborn had seen him, looked puzzled if not a bit incredulous. Had he been that obvious? Celeborn asked to himself as he felt slightly cold fingers brushing his own as the other tried to retrieve the towel. He had almost forgotten the towel, being lost in those sapphire, grayish eyes and, before he could think, he stepped forward, cupping the nape of Haldir`s neck whilst urgently pressing hungry lips over his guardian's, asking for permission which was almost instantly granter.

Did Haldir want this? Or was he going along with it because of his higher position? Was it just the possible consequences a working elf could face when rejecting someone above him in status and power?

The Silvan elf gasped, before looking puzzled at the other blond. 'Why had Celeborn stopped?' he asked himself lightheadedly.

Having released his hold on the towel long ago, Celeborn dared to raise a finger; and carefully he caressed the other's slightly sun tanned check still covered by small crystalline droplets of water. "I will be in my chambers for the rest of the day until dinner," he acknowledged softly in invitation, before turning and leaving the place.

The galadhrim almost growled in frustration. You could not kiss someone like that and then leave. You were meant to continue what you started!

Picking up his clean clothes, Haldir put them on rather clumsily in his haste before he had to sit on the bench to consider if he did want to go along with this. It was obvious the Sinda desired him as much as he did the other, but Celeborn was not unattached, and if he went to the other's chambers he would truly be playing with fire.

Sighing, he glanced up from his boots to face Rumil, who had obviously entered while he was brooding about what he would do. He smiled, he always smiled at his younger brothers when he saw them, they were always a soothing sensation to him, they reminded him he was not as alone as he sometimes felt.

"Everything alright?" the youngest elf asked, studying his brother carefully and noticing the other's hesitation before nodding.

"What is it?" Haldir asked quietly standing and deciding not to discuss his problem with Rumil, he did not have to ask to know what his little brother would think about him lusting after their Lord. And most important, he did not want to be reminded of his own beliefs regarding married elves.

"Lord Celeborn arrived today, in the morning; I tried to look for you everywhere but I had no luck at all. I thought you might need to see him to discuss the usual matters, or just greet him."

'Greet Celeborn' Haldir smirked, yes he would greet the elder elf; he would greet him in a way he would not easily forget. This was a one time chance, and he was not going to let it slip through his fingers so easily. "I was on my way to find him," he said softly picking up the rest of his things. "Do not look for me later, I have things to do before dinner." he acknowledged before pressing a brotherly kiss to Rumil's brow and leaving the place as well, following the path Celeborn had walked mere minutes ago.

Raising his eyes from the book the Sinda stared at the closed door, had he done well in kissing the other the way he had done? Of course not, he knew that but he was wishing he could somehow reason other facts that could help him believe otherwise.

He had surprised the younger elf, yes, but Haldir had also responded to the kiss after a couple of seconds, and the velvety tongue had wrapped with his as the kiss had grown in need and lust. It has been so long since he last kissed someone that way, the simple remembrance made him even more needful than he already was.

He had loved Galadriel when he met her, that stubborn assertive spirit had been something for some reason he had been unable to adore but later on, as the years passed the same things that had once, cause him to fall for his wife, made him realize he had never been in love but infatuated with the sensation of power she irradiated.

In the beginning, that power was not power over him, but after a couple of years, she had decided to treat him as someone else. Now, after their long life together, he could not help but feel as if he was, sometimes, her puppet.

Rubbing a hand along his brow, he closed the book on his lap; he was not going to be able to finish it. Leaving it on the table before him, his mind wandered to Celebrian, his daughter, the same one that had loved him beyond reason when little, the same one that begged for him to hold her until the tale was over... the same one that now despised him, considering him weak.

Perhaps he was been weak, he could not help but consider if things had been different, if he had acted upon Galadriel wanting Celebrian to spend her days by her side instead of his, and he realized there was not much to consider. Things would have been different.

'It is not healthy for a girl her age to be surrounded by parchments, and diplomats,' his wife had said. 'Celebrian is not happy,' he could almost hear the calm voice in his head now; and he had believed her. And because of that belief, he had relented his daughter's life. The cheerful, full of life elfling he had once held in his arms was now the cold, bitter creature he knew. "Come in," he called when the distinctive sound from the door got his attention and he smiled softly at his rescuer. He had been luckily saved from his daily torturing thoughts.

Closing the lock on the door, the galadhrim moved to the chair where the elven Lord was sitting, and bending the distance between their lips, he pressed a proving kiss to the alluring lips.

He felt the Sinda melting in the seat, and he could not help but proudly smirk to himself. "I gather the invitation is still open," he teased to the parted lips as his mischievous eyes met Celeborn`s.

"You should know better than anyone, Haldir," the elf Lord purred sliding his arm around the guardian's waist. "I always finish what I start."

He was only able to moan when his entire body was pressed to the other's. Somehow, Celeborn had managed to move him, in a way so that he was now straddling his Lord in the chair.

His slightly panting chest, pressed against the other's while his groin pressed even more blatantly to the Sinda's lower belly as Celeborn pressed his hands to his rear, groping the tender globes covered under the fabric of his pants whilst spreading small kisses along his jaw line and neck.

He felt Celeborn's hard on, restrained under the layers of fabric between their bodies, the hard shaft teasing just above the covered crack of his rear. And he had to recognize that the other had taken him slightly by surprise. This was not how he considered things would go, but he was reluctant to change them now. The hands on his bottom and now his back were so strong and reassuring, they managed to create the false sensation of being home.

Suddenly, he felt himself being picked up and carried towards the bed where he was carefully laid down.

His Lord followed swiftly, having kicked his slippers off, and leaning over him, the other kissed him deeply, lustfully, needfully; as teasing hands stroked all over his body and Celeborn's groin rubbed against his own with regular motions of the other's hips.

"Elbereth," Haldir gasped managing to reach to fumble with the other elf's rear, inattentively pleading Celeborn to press more against him. "Clothes," he moaned as the elven Lord did as silently asked.

"Shall we take them off already?" Celeborn teased giving Haldir's neck a quick bite and grinning when the younger elf arched under him, bringing their bodies even closer.

"Yes," came the husky reply. "Now," Haldir ordered meeting the other's gaze with dark eyes, and started to fumble with the lacings of Celeborn's pants while managing to slide a hand between their bodies.

Celeborn chuckled musically at the eager elf, and raised his hips a little, granting the other enough access to work on the lacings, though he shifted slightly so Haldir could not touch him yet, when the lacings were fully undone. "Be patient, little one;" he taunted at the small pout which had formed on the guardian's lips. "Soon," he promised leaning forward for a kiss and starting to undo the buttons of Haldir`s shirt whilst his lips kissed along the revealed path of naked flesh.

Haldir squirmed with pleasure under the other as he felt the light fabric being removed so easily and the soft lips spread lovely kisses all over his revealed skin. He could barely believe how turned on he was, he had no memory of feeling this way ever before.

Celeborn stroked the now bare chest, letting his hands slid over the hardening nipples as they moved, before they caressed their way down. His fingers stopped when they found a scar, to gently caress it as if wanting to find out what had caused it. Then another one, and another one... he bent to kiss devotedly each one of them, as if hearing the story they had to retell, as his fingers moved between Haldir`s legs, to teasingly cup and rub the guardian's covered groin.

"My Lord," Haldir gasped pushing up to the taunting hand until all pleasurable sensations suddenly stopped, making him open his eyes to look into Celeborn`s grayish ones. "Celeborn," he whispered hesitantly and smiling along with the other as the elf Lord bent to kiss a circle around his bellybutton.

Having Haldir writhing under him was a delight, and Celeborn allowed himself to start unlacing the guardian's pants when Haldir growled a muffled curse, not meant for him to hear. "Either, I am very good, or you truly wanted this," the silver haired Lord said huskily slipping his hand between the parted laces, and cupping the hard flesh his fingers found within; starting to stroke it evenly, using the pre-cum formed on the head to smooth his fingers all along its length.

Managing a chuckle, the Galadhrim opened his eyes and smirked at his Lord, "Both," he whispered wickedly; amused to see the other cocking his head slightly in a curious manner that told him Celeborn had no idea he had fancied him all these years. Elbereth, he was playing with fire, he reminded himself as the expert fingers stroke his needy flesh... but if this was what burning felt like, then he was willing to give it a thoughtful try.

Looking down, he saw the slightly bigger elf pulling his pants off to reveal his body entirely and then, kneeling before the elf Lord, Haldir started to undo the buttons of Celeborn`s shirt before he realized his task was a futile one, and pushing the shirt over the silver haired Lord he grinned delighted at the perfect sight of the strong built up chest.

Letting the shirt drop to the side of the bed, Haldir spared himself the luxury of pressing the palms of his hands to the other's chest and, moving them gently over it, he felt every single muscle he found on their way. The skin under his fingers was smooth, and pale, though slightly blushed and sweaty due to their previous foreplay; and this made the guardian smile privately, as he realized his Lord was just as needful as he was... Looking up as a nipple ended up trapped between the tips of two of his fingers. He met the lustful eyes evenly and bruised his lips against the other's for a luscious kiss before he pinched the nipple his digits held prisoner, causing Celeborn to moan and part his lips for him.

Taking advantage of the situation, he slid his tongue within the tempting mouth to find his Lord's and finding it, he found himself dueling for something he was not sure he truly wished to have this time.

The hands moved to the muscular back, and Haldir continue to stroke as much flesh as he could, even when his hands headed down and they slid within the loose fabric of Celeborn`s pants, cupping the perfectly round globes he found there and groping them tauntingly, he urged the other's groin against himself. "So hard, so soon..." he teased with a smirk, licking Celeborn`s lower lip, delighted to see the usually pale lips now swollen and almost flushed from the bruising kisses.

Reaching down with his own fingers, the elf Lord placed both hands in the small of Haldir`s back, letting his pants rest idly around his hip bones, before he felt careful hands, pulling them away.

Haldir sat back then, once the pants had pooled around his knees, and Celeborn did no more than look at his guardian intently, almost losing himself in the azure eyes, before he was able to continue the task of removing the now obnoxious pants.

Leaning forward, he settled between the parted legs, and never breaking contact with Haldir`s eyes, he started to rock gently, letting their now naked bodies brush together. He felt slightly shaky hands coming to rest on his back, pulling him even closer and settling on the small of his back, whilst he leant to kiss the galadhrim on the lips, almost tenderly... as if wanting to believe there was more to this than just simple sex.

"I have never..." Haldir moaned arching so as his chest would press hard nipples against Celeborn`s. "I have never..." he tried again, and the soothing voice, replied a whispered 'I know' before the whispering lips kissed the tip of his ear making him close his eyes, as if suddenly feeling that everything was going to be alright.

Celeborn reached for the oil under the pillow, and uncorked it, spilling a fair amount over his fingers he let one slide between the younger elf's thighs and started to form small circles around the tight entrance. Feeling the tension starting to leave, he pressed slightly inside, and kissing Haldir soothingly, he pushed inside through the clenching rhythm the tight passage imposed.

"Everything will be alright," he soothed to the moaning elf nuzzling the tip of the guardian's ear gently, pushing a second finger and scissoring them inside the other he made sure to stretch the channel as much as needed to welcome a third one. "You are doing very well, little one," he said huskily and reassuringly, nipping on Haldir`s neck before pulling his fingers free, and smiled to himself when hearing the small miserable whine coming from the slightly parted lips.

"Please," Haldir found himself pleading at the same time his legs wrapped along his Lord's waist. "Please..." he repeated softly when the tender eyes met his own, managing to soothe him almost at once.

Oiling his achingly hard erection, Celeborn pressed the head of it to the stretched entrance and pushed inside swiftly, feeling the overwhelming heat surround him as the other tensed around him almost painfully with the sudden intrusion.

Taking a deep steadying breath, the elder elf managed to open his eyes and look at the younger one beneath him, and a soothing hand petted the tense side of Haldir`s body. "Look at me," he asked with a soothing voice, staying perfectly still, not wanting to cause his lover any unnecessary discomfort. "Look at me Haldir," he repeated, kissing the flushed cheeks and lips, smiling when the other did as commanded. "Trust me," he whispered to the parted lips.

"It hurts," the galadhrim said with a tight voice, gripping the sheets and bedding, wondering in the back of his mind how his lovers seemed to enjoy this so much.

"If you look at me, and trust me, I will make the pain go away," Celeborn promised devotedly, locking his eyes with Haldir`s in silent promise. "Let me make it good," he pleaded in a whisper, almost seeing the invisible lock holding Haldir`s will open, as the other started to relax in his arms.

Nodding absently, the younger elf ordered himself to let go of the sheets and, moving his hands from the bedding to his lover's back, he held Celeborn close to him. "Make it go away," he pleaded starting to relax, lost in the tenderness he found in the other's gaze, not fully aware any words had actually left his mouth.

Smiling at his trusting guardian, the silver haired Lord bent to softly kiss Haldir on the lips, gently nibbling on both his lips, before his tongue started an almost soothing dance with the galadhrim's, as they moved from mouth to mouth.

Celeborn felt the young body relax beneath his, slowly, trusting, and after a couple of minutes his hips moved, pushing inside for the first time. Haldir arched under him, moaning into the kiss, and he repeated the motion though this time he changed his angle enough to find the guardian's sweet spot. And with his new thrust, Haldir`s lips parted from his own to release a loud pleasured moan.

He felt the fingers clenching on his back, and he closed his eyes as he was silently encouraged to go deeper, to go faster; Haldir was writhing under him and the sight he had only dared dream about finally became true.

After several minutes of slow, almost leisured, sex the elf Lord speeded up the pacing of his moves, and he felt a hot splash between their bodies and a loud cry that let him know Haldir had found his climax at last.

His own, soon followed as the deadly tight passage clenched one last time around him, causing him to fill his lover almost to the rim.

Gasping, Haldir let his entire body relax onto the bed, and he could have sworn that Celeborn`s seed was spilling out of him and it was starting to run across his thighs. Growling softly at the simple image, he managed to open his eyes, and he smiled with satisfaction at his lover, daring to rest a trembling hand on the silvery hair. He could see Celeborn was exhausted as well, though the bruised lips managed to smile, along with the tender eyes. He did not remember to see those eyes shine so bright anytime before, and he found himself wanting to see them this way soon.

Closing his eyes again, the silver haired Lord pressed his brow to Haldir`s shoulder before he kissed it, and pulling his now flaccid shaft out as gently as he could, he rolled to his side, or the 'empty' side of the bed.

Sighing softly, the galadhrim sat on the bed wincing instantly at the distinctive pain and a slightly trembling hand settling on his back, made him look back.

"Please stay," Celeborn whispered, looking pleadingly at the other. "Let me at least pretend I am not as alone as I truly am," he asked and smiled thankfully, when Haldir lay back with him.

"I do not know what to do now," the younger elf confessed, covering himself stiffly with a sheet and looking at the one who had recently been his lover and blushed a little at the amused chuckle the other gave.

"There is nothing you have to do, just lie here and rest; talk if you want, take a nap if you feel like it... recover your breath..." Celeborn suggested with a tender smile, moving close to the other and wrapping a protective arm around Haldir`s waist and resting his head on the pillow close to the other, looking at the sated elf for a couple of seconds, wanting to remember Haldir`s features for a long time, starting that day.

Moving closer, the galadhrim snuggled up to the stronger body next to his, still trying to keep the emotional distance he considered they needed and sighed softly. He considered himself for a while, tried to discriminate the feelings in the swirling turmoil of his mind and heart and he bit his lip tiredly after a couple of endless, futile minutes. He was not going to go anywhere in his thinking. Not as long as Celeborn`s arms were around him the way they were holding him. Which at the same time made him realize a new fact, it actually felt nicer than he ever thought it might to be held by another, and with a small smile lingering on his lips, his eyes glazed into sleep.

Celeborn woke to the dim light of a candle and blinked tiredly, whilst holding his hand up to fade the light hitting on his still, sleepy eyes. "Who is there?" he inquired severely, wanting to know who had dared break into his private chambers and moving even closer to the resting body snuggled up to him, cradling it closer within his free arm.

"What?" Haldir asked, though sleepily blinking at the bothering light and the urgent tone, trying to make sense of where he was. Feeling the strong arm around his body he relaxed a little whilst remembering to whom it belong, and he almost smiled when the light was lowered to the bedside table, revealing the intruder.

"Now, what would mama think, when I reveal to her your affair with one of the march wardens when away from home?" Celebrian smirked delighted at the frightened look in the galadhrim's eyes and the disbelieving look her father was giving her. "I know he is supposed to protect his Lord from any kind of peril, but I take it falling from a bed is a danger we can all face without needing protection, is it not?" she joked, cocking her head slightly to look at the image, before sighing with a shake of her head.

"Do not even dare," the Lady of Imladris mocked as her father attempted to ask her to leave. "You are in no condition of asking me to leave, nor to order me so... no; if you do not want mother to find out about this little indiscretion of yours. Because yes, I do know you had been managing to remain faithful all these years." She almost rolled her eyes but instead she stood at the feet of the bed staring at both of the naked elves, covered by no more than a sheet. "Now, do not fret so my dear Haldir, there is a solution to every problem that life presents us with... you just have to find out which, and in this case I have just the precise one."

"What, are you doing?" Celeborn asked disbelievingly, watching his daughter standing as a statue at the feet of his bed whilst he held his naked lover. He could feel Haldir tensing against him, he could feel the other fighting not to tremble but he was too astonished by Celebrian`s deeds as to actually react to the situation. "I am your father, Celebrian, what do you think you are doing invading my privacy this way?!" he managed after a while.

"No Ada," Celebrian warned shaking both her head and her index finger slowly. "That will only upset me; I cannot stand it when someone raises their voice," she said calmly, smiling at the newly disbelieving face she was presented with. "I am only here to negotiate a pact. No, do not talk. I am the one that does the talking now," she stated, glaring at her father coldly when he tried to speak again. "I am positive you would mind if your protégée got hurt in some kind of... accident, and that is what will happen if mama ever finds out about this little adventure of yours...As I was saying, a pact would be in order to keep me silent." She smiled mockingly at her father. "I keep quiet and you two, do as I say."

"You are sick," the elf Lord shook his head slowly, not sure this elf was his daughter. It could not be. What kind of a monster was this cold heartless creature before them now? This one could not be his Celebrian, the same one he had held for so many nights...

"No, I am not sick Ada, I am only tired of been ignored," the silver haired Lady stated with a sigh. "Do not worry though, I will not be that cruel, I will only bind you both to one favor each whenever I have the need of it. I do not know what will it be, or when, but you will either do as I say, or I speak of what I saw."

"How do we know you will not speak anyway, after we grant you your favors?" Haldir asked coldly, glaring at the elven Lady, grimly wishing it was not his Lord's daughter.

"Ah, reasoning; good sign. No wonder you are the head of the march warden, you do manage to think coldly when needed," she smirked, undressing the bit of Haldir that was covered by the sheet. "You should learn from him, Ada," Celebrian whispered amused that her father who still was obviously fighting to match her with the daughter he knew.

"We are not going to do anything you say, so you better leave the room now before I have to take you away myself," Celeborn warned angrily.

"You will, you have no choice. You tell mama of this yourself, Haldir will be sent to the far border and you will most likely not see him again. You don't do as I say, when I say, Haldir is sent to the far border and you won't see him again. Haldir does not as I say when I say, his brothers will be send to the border, most likely to die, being not as experienced as you are..." She smiled at Haldir who she knew, would kill her right then just for mentioning any possible harm to his beloved brothers.

"There is a punishment for every sin, Ada, you should have known better than this..." Celebrian said, amusedly shaking her head at her father's outrage. "And this time, it is my turn to name the price. Either you take it, or leave it. It is up to you, but mind my words because I always make sure they come true."

The End
Chapter end notes: Elvish Translations: Ada: father.

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