To Betray a Brother by KoUsagi

Legolas woke up refreshed, nonetheless, he stayed in his luxurious guest-bed, enjoying the touch of the noble material of the sheets on his clean skin and the sounds and noises of dawn. Whilst lying peacefully, some pictures of the night's dream came back to him and a hazy film of steamy images began to play in his mind. The only amiss part of that motion picture was the elves with whom he shared those quite intimate moments. Because those were Elladan and Elrohir. That made him smile.

"How queer! Why should I dream of my friends in the role of lovers? Never ever did that thought cross my mind. Certainly, they are attractive, but they are males! And besides, my friends, my comrades! Ai, it must be the weariness, having its effect on my subconscious..."

Nevertheless, he found it very much pleasurable to recall his inner portrait of the gorgeous elven princes, kissing and caressing sensuously his entire body.

"No, no, no!" he shook his head in order to clean it from the sexually overcharged thoughts. "I am crazy; that was merely a weird dream, naught else. I should forget about it immediately." With that, he left his bed and ceased thinking about those (then) unrealistic and also slightly forbidden acts.

Not that love was not known to exist between members of the same gender of elves, but it was rare, therefore, as any other extraordinariness, was not accepted, at least not so easily. The only exception was Imladris. It followed straight from the nature of the Last Homely House. It served as sort of a refuge, a shelter for the (social) outcasts. Therefore, its residents had a more open mind. That is why the two princes of the realm could apprehend the beauty of their friend and became interested in establishing a deeper relationship with him. That was the subject of the twins' morning conversation as well. The black-haired pair was in Elladan's bed, looking into each other's amethyst eyes. Such irises were to found only in the bloodline of the most noble, even there, it was very rare. They gave a supernatural look to their owners, a beauty that comes not from Middle-Earth but from more distant shores. Consequently, they held a sexual appeal as well. Neither Elladan nor Elrohir was oblivious to that. Moreover, they intended to use it to their advantage. There was only one little problem: both had the same aim.

"Why should I give up on him for you?" Elrohir broke the silence and answered a previous demand of his sibling.

"Because you already have a lover, remember? Besides, I am the older."

"Oh, don't be silly. You know that she means practically nothing to me. And you are older than me merely with minutes. That is not the point. So answer me! Why can't we share him? We've shared so many things in our lives, including even lovers ... oh or maybe... you don't want me to have him because you have fallen in love?" demanded Elrohir in a slightly lower voice.

"And what if I have?" Elladan turned as red as a blooming rose.

"All the same. I had loved ones who warmed your bed, too... Ah, come on, Elladan, please, do not be so greedy!" he pleaded playfully.

"I don't know... And even then, you forgot one important fact: he is not in my arms just yet! Also, I would like you to be aware that he didn't even seem to notice our affection."

"For that I am even more inclined to seduce him. Ai, to watch those innocent blue eyes darken with the colour of passion... the very thought makes me ..."

"Ai, pray, don't continue, brother!" Elladan interrupted him "I am too much of a visual type for your words..." he grinned.

"Ah, my sensitive 'ladan... That's what I love you for." Elrohir smiled adorably, caressing a lock of the other's night-black mane.

"Back to our original subject... I propose you a deal." his eyes glittered wickedly. "We shall seduce our pretty Greenleaf together, but you make him fall in love with you; I won't strive to win his heart; he will choose between us. But we shall both provide him with, let me say, physical attention..."

Elladan burst out in laughter "You have the most cunning and twisted mind, dear brother!"

"So, what do you say?"

"Call it a deal! As long as I may supervise your >>physical attentions
Chapter end notes: Oh no! A cliffhanger! What will happen next?! Frankly, I myself (Author Almighty) don't know it... ^.- But you can give me feedback anyways... ^.-

Sorry for the interlude, I just had to write it... The twins really were turning incestuous in my head; I had a previous version of the fic, I dropped that idea because of that too! So, Ladan and Elro were really mean to me... I had to stop them! ^.-
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