Secret Hearts, Secret Love by Aglarien

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Story notes: Beta: *whistles in the wind*
It was in the deep of night when the two weary Elves returned from their patrol and crept silently through the darkened house. As they passed a half-open door, one paused to peek inside.

“Pssst,” Elladan whispered, halting his twin. “Look.”

Elrohir looked over his brother’s shoulder and sighed. “They have been working too hard again,” he whispered. “We should wake them so they can go to bed and rest more comfortably.” Books and scrolls were stacked at odd angles on Elrond’s desk and a tray with the remains of a half-eaten meal lay to the side. Amid the tomes, across the desk from each other, two dark heads lay on folded arms. Erestor’s long fingers were still wrapped around a quill. “They have much to prepare for the White Council,” the younger twin added.

“Well, they will work no more tonight,” Elladan said. Walking into the room, he rested a hand on his father’s shoulder and shook him gently. “Ada, it is time for you to be abed,” he said softly. Elrond did not stir from his deep sleep. Looking up, he saw Elrohir faring no better with Erestor. “Let them sleep, brother. You carry Erestor and I will carry Ada.”

Elrohir nodded. Moving carefully to avoid waking the sleeping Elf, he lifted Erestor into his arms. Elladan picked up their father, and Elrohir followed his brother out of the room.

Elrond’s rooms were luckily not far, and Elladan managed to stoop and open the door with his fingers. Gently kicking the door open with his foot, he looked up in surprise as Elrohir followed him into the room. “You would bring Erestor to Ada’s rooms?” he whispered.

“To Ada’s bed,” Elrohir whispered back. “We both know they have been lovers for years, even if they do not suspect we are aware of it. I doubt not that they are even bonded, since Nana released Ada from their bond when she left. I tire of this deception, Elladan. Nana wanted Ada to love again, and he and Erestor deserve to be happy and love each other freely.”

Elladan nodded as he placed their father on his bed, carefully removing Elrond’s soft shoes and outer robes. “Erestor saved Ada’s sanity after Nana sailed,” he whispered. “It is no wonder that Ada finally fell in love with our friend – Erestor is kind and gentle, and I think he loved Ada even before that.”

Elrohir placed his charge on the other side of the bed and removed Erestor’s shoes and robes. “In the morning, they will wonder how they ended up in Ada’s bed together and realize it could only have been us who placed them there. They will want to talk to us and we can finally let them know that we approve.”

Elladan looked at his brother thoughtfully, and then nodded. “You are right. They will know without our having to bring up the subject, which we have both been loath to do. We will put an end to this deception of theirs so they may love each other in peace. Our family and our people have accepted our love, and will rejoice in theirs.”

Both younger Elves smiled to see Elrond move in his sleep and pull Erestor into his arms. Two pair of long legs entangled and two dark heads lay together on the pillow, long tresses mingling. Erestor’s arms wove around Elrond’s waist, pulling him closer, and his head moved to settle on his mate’s broad chest.

“See how they love each other,” Elrohir said softly. He carefully covered his father and Erestor with a quilt.

Elladan put his arm around Elrohir’s waist and drew him close. After placing a soft kiss on his twin’s brow, he whispered, “Come, let us leave them to sleep and go and find our own bed.”

Elrohir smiled and nodded. With one last look at the sleeping Elves in the bed, they turned and silently left the room.
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