Dance by Zilah

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Story notes: 25 fluffyfics-challenge: I really love Elrond and Erestor, but all too seldom I have found anything beautiful or romantic written with this adorable pairing. So I have to correct the situation. Elrond's and Erestor's mind-speaking in italics.

Beta: Tena Dennick
It was Yule-evening in Imladris and most of her residence were dancing and making merry in the Fire-hall.

Elrond stared longingly upon joyous pair, who whirled on the dance-floor. They made striking pair and Elrond thought to himself that they were two of the most beautiful elves ever.

His lovely iel (daughter) and his beloved hervenn (husband).

Elrond was happy that they seemed to enjoy themselves, but he was secretly relieved when music finally stopped and they started to make their way back to him. Elrond was confused by his thoughts but couldn't help it; he missed his meleth whenever he was away from him. Elrond smiled fondly at both of them as Erestor thanked Arwen for the dance and sat beside him. Arwen gave them smile but didn't stop to talk to them. Next moment they saw her, Arwen was dragging Glorfindel to the dance-floor.

"She really has confidence! Someone should wait until they are asked to dance." Elrond wondered amused.

"Let her be. She is so lovely just as she is. She is sweet and natural, and someday she will make some very lucky ellon happy."

"You really care for her."

"How could I not? She is your child and true treasure", Erestor said, smiling.

Music stopped again and Head- Minstrel Lindir started to sing a slow, romantic song. Erestor listened for a while, but then stood up and extended his hand.

"Care to join me?" He said, and Elrond obeyed gladly. They let the beautiful music fill their senses and swayed slowly, just enjoying each other's closeness. Elrond pulled Erestor as close as possible and buried his face in his neck. He closed his eyes and sighed happily. smell delicious ind nín.

Erestor heard Elrond's voice in his head and smiled. This was one of best things he knew; through their bond, they could hear each other's thoughts and usually they used this ability just to tell the other how much they cared.

I love you, Elrond nín.

I love you too. I want to kiss you. I have wanted to this whole evening.

Erestor's breath quickened. Elrond very seldom showed his affection in public. Erestor's thoughts scattered when he suddenly felt soft kiss upon his lips. He gasped and instinctively opened his mouth, allowing their kiss to deepen. taste as delicious as you smell, ind nín.

Ai, Elrond nín! You should stop... Erestor stuttered in his mind, his thoughts were in complete turmoil. Elrond's closeness and kisses made his whole body to stir.

Elrond smirked inwardly when he felt Erestor trembling in his arms. He fully enjoyed his ability to arouse his beautiful hervenn.

How 'bout a more private dance, meleth nín?

If you continue that, I will forget how to dance at all. Is that what you want? Erestor's knees buckled, while Elrond still kept his lips as his captive and tasted his mouth all over again.

"Ai, ind nín, you are fully capable of dancing this one with me," Elrond whispered suddenly into Erestor's ear and scooped him in his arms.

"Elrond... what in Arda are you doing?" Erestor gasped and blushed when he heard whistles and applauses echoing in the Hall. He buried his face into Elrond's chest, for he dared not to look anyone just now.

"Why did you leave the hall? If you are going to dance with me, you need music."

"Don't fret, meleth nín. The only music I want is your moans and gasps and the only rhythm we need is our heart's beat.

"So... you wanted to correct our dancing stance." Erestor chuckled.

"Correct, Erestor nín. What I have in mind is a little too... horizontal to perform in Fire-hall." Elrond purred and carried his hervenn to the bed.
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