The Ugly Elfling by Milly

He ran without thinking. Not caring to look back just once and when he finally broke down he realized that he didn't know which way he had taken. As if to express his mood rain started to drop and he felt relief seeing it darken the night even more. He had always enjoyed rain, he wasn't scared of any kind of weather and he thought that it was one of the reasons that made his siblings think that he was dumb. None of them would go outside while it was raining if not to do necessary tasks they could not defer. They used to laugh at him while his mother was shaking her head sadly, trying to deny that her youngest son was a stupid little fool. His mind slipped into the world of dreams sooner than it would have if he hadn't been running for some hours.

When he awoke the rain had stopped again and only a few clouds could be seen through the branches of the trees. He got up and looked around. The forrest looked friendly and warm to him. But despite that he noticed that his stomache was hurting with hunger and he realized that being all alone in a big forrest with all the possible dangers wasn't his only problem. He had neither food nor anything to drink with him and he didn't know this part of the forrest well enough to know where he could at least find some water to still the thirst that was burning in his throat. He started to walk around carefully for he didn't wish to disturb the animals. Not the big once that could cause him harm and neither the small ones that would be scared if he would run around without looking at the way. He also didn't think that it would be the right thing to despair. His only chance was to trust on his instincts. For he believed his siblings when they said that he was stupid and ugly, but he didn't believe that he wasn't able to survive on his own if he could just find a little water.

He didn't remember for how long he had been wandering through the forrest when he again felt that his legs were tired and it was starting to get dark again. After a while he finally gave in and sat down to take another rest when he heard water. Water running through the forrest. He wondered why he had not heard it before but did not care for long. Quickly he ran towards it and dropped to the ground to drink without any thought.
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