The Ugly Elfling by Milly

He felt a hand, stroking his hair gently. When he opened his eyes the elf stepped back a little. "I'm sorry, I didn't intend to wake you. I just had to make sure that it is not a dream that you are back." Elrohir felt a little dizzy. It took a few moments until he remembered. "Elladan?"

"Mae that's me." The other one grinned. "It is really nice of you to remember my name already. Would... would you like to get up? Do you need anything? Is there anything I could do to make you happy? Leave you alone maybe?" He winked.

"No. Please stay if you don not mind."

"I do not. There are not so many things I will have to do today. Apart from saving some lives and preventing some wars." Elrohir looked pretty impressed and Elladan burst into laughter. "Oh Elir, I am joking. What is wrong with you? I am back to stay in Imladrias for a while, till I go out again to hunt some Orcs again."

"Do you like hunting them?"

"Yes. You liked it to." Elrohir saw a slightly sad look in Elladan's eyes. "Father and mother will be happy if you're more sensible than I am now."

"You're not though."

"I am grateful enough that you're back, It is not necessary that you behave exactly like you used to back then."

"It seems that I am not at all like I used to be though."

"Are you kidding? You still are as gentle and as caring as you have always been. And that I always valued the most. May..." A slight blush crept into Elladan's face. "Would you mind if I braided your hair?"

"Braid it? Do you think I wish to look like a lass?" Elladan chuckled. "Nice idea, but not really, I am talking about this kind of braids." He held up his hair and Elrohir noticed some small braids on each side of his head. "You wish for me to carry the same braids as you?"

"Mae. That is... if you don't mind..."

"I would love to wear them."

Elrohir smiled and Elladan got up to fetch his brush. When he had finished brushing the hair he looked at his twin. "Great. Would... would you like to wear some of your old clothes? We could wear the.." Elladan covered his mouth. Elrohir looked at him. "We could what?"

"I was about to suggest to wear the same clothes as we always did so. But I do not want you to feel uncomfortable."

"I would like to wear them."

"Would you really or are you just trying to please me?"

"I would like to look exactly like you. You are very pretty." Elladan blushed, then begann to chuckle. "That is what Erestor told me yesterday. Giving a compliment like that to your twinbrother sounds slightly cocky."

"I did not say that I am pretty. I am not, I know that, I have been told so often enough to remember it even being as stupid as I am."

"You are neither stupid nor ugly. Whoever told you so must be blind and deaf. Or jealous maybe. The mortal ones are always jealous because we look better, are wiser and..."

"And you complain about being called cocky?"

Elladan eyed his brother, slightly suprised. "I'm sorry... I should..."

"That is exactly my cynical little brother." Elladan grinned and pulled the braid he had just finished. "You should be careful, talking like that towards Erestor, Glorfindel or our parents will be punished. Talking like that to me is punished as well, but since now you have always enjoyed that a lot."

"Are there other things I should not do?"

"Since when are you scared about being told to go to our room?"

"They would send me to my room? That is no punishment."

"I know, but do not tell them, they think it is pretty hard to not be allowed to go outside for a day or two."

"You can stay in your room and read instead seeing the poor tortued animals."

"Tor... what are you talking about Elir?"

"Don't mind me."

"I wish to know."
Chapter end notes: Mae = yes
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