The Ugly Elfling by Milly

"Needed our help, did you?"

"Yes. I'm Anborn, that is Talon. Thank you for saving our lives."

"I fear I must dissapoint you. We did not come to save you. We came to protect the forrest. But it has been a pleasure to help you." He smiled warmly. "I am sorry to see that so many of your group fell. Even one of my party was wounded badly. Come, I must bid you to see my father so he can have a look at your wounds."

"Thanks for your hospatility." Anborn looked around. "Little one? Where are you? It's over now. You can come out, they're friends!"

He climbed down the tree slowly and what he had seen from up there was proved when he gracefully touched the ground. "They're beautiful." he whispered. He didn't dare to look at them directly for he feared that they would despise. He hoped that they'd ignore him, but the leader of the party turned towards him. "So at least three and not only two of your party live. You do not like me, do you? Why do you not face and answer me, mellon?" He didn't sound angry but sad. It was new to him that someone would care if he faced them. "They called me El when I was young." he whispered.

Anborn faced him. "Since when are you able to talk like an ordinary human?"

"I..." He tried to explain himself, but the sharp voice of the party leader interrupted him. "Do you think that you should talk to one of my kind like that after we just saved your lives?"

"Of your kind?"

"Are you blind? Can you not see that he is elvish?" He grinned cynically, then he faced the young one and his voice got gentler again. "Face me mellon-nin. Do not fear, I would never hurt one of my kin." So he dared to turn around and when he finally looked into the eyes of the other one he saw tears.

"Elir!" Suddenly there were arms around him and he realized that the most beautiful beeing he had ever laid eyes on was hugging him close. "Oh Elir... my foolish little Elir." He felt the other one gently stroking his hair whispering gentle words in that wonderful sounding language. It took some moments till he dared to look up again. "You... you cannot hold me mylord."

"I cannot?" The elf faced him and he seemed suprised, even a little amused. "I can. Do you not wish for me to hold you?"

"You... you must despise." Now the Elf eyed him closer and shook his head. "What reason could I have to despise seeing one of the princes of my people? Elrohir Elrondion Imladris you are. There could not be a reason for anyone to despise seeing the fairest being of my kin."

One of the other elves started to laugh and said something in the strange language he supposed to be elvish by now. The leader blushed slightly but in his answer there was still some amusement. "He is right of course." He laughed, facing the elf in his arms once more. "I should not speak so highly of my own blood. It might sound as if I am prouder than I should be."
Chapter end notes: mellon-nin = my friend
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