The Ugly Elfling by Milly

Their parents and their guests had already taken their seats when the twins entered the rooms. Elladan led his brother to a chair next to his own. Then he greeted their guests and smiled when he saw that the humans had already recovered enough to have breakfast with them. "It is good to see that you are still alive."

"What happened to Elrohir?" The humans seemed confused and Elladan pointed to his twin. "That's impossible."

"It is?"

"What happened to you? You don't look any similar to the way you looked before."

"We washed him and his hair, let him sleep a bit, brushed and braided the hair and he changed his clothes."

"I do not think that he wished to know all that," came an amused voice from the door.

Elladan turned his head and chuckled. "Suilad, Glorfindel, quel arin Erestor. I think you should know about things others do not really wish to know even better than I do." He was pleased when he saw Erestor blush and worried when he noticed that his twin coughed once more. His fathers advisors took their seats and they started to eat. "What will you two do later?"

"I will show our home to Elrohir, I presume." Anborn asked if he could go with them while Elrond asked Talon do go to rest again after breakfast. "It will be a pleasure to show you around, Anborn." Elladan smiled. When he noticed the advisors whispering to each he added "We woud do best to knock before entering the libary though." This time it was Glorfindel's face that grew pale. "That is enough, Elladan." Elrond shook his head, guessing what had happened earlier. "Mae Atar." Elladan nodded and lowered his gaze.

After breakfast Elladan took Anborn and his brother with him as promised. He showed them around for some time and then stayed in the gardens for Elrohir wished to see everything in it. The only thing that convince him to leave was the promise that they could return here anytime and that there were still the stables. Stables... horses... Elrohir was exicted about seeing them, loving horses more than other animals though he adored all of them. Elladan grinned. "I knew you would be eager to see them. They will love to see you, I presume. Every horse I met till now adored you." He led the others to the stables and two elves were turning towards them. "It is wonderful to see that you are back, my prince." Both bowed their heads and Elrohir eyed them, unsure how to answer. "Thank you, Thaliwilwarin, Alcwethion. We are most grateful that he is back again."

"I would like to go back to the castle now."

"If you do not mind Thaliwilwarin can show you the way." Anborn nodded. "No problem for me."

The servants bowed their heads again and left silently, taking Anborn with them. Elladan smiled after they were gone. "They are two of the elves helped searching you for the longest time. I am sure they really missed you. You always went to help them if something was wrong with one of the horses."

"They must be upset with me for not remembering their names."

"Does that mean that you worry more about the way the stable boys feel then about how the mightiest lords that advise your father feel if you do not know their name?"

"Everyone remembers their name. Most people do not take the time to remember the names of servants. And anyway, I do not think that you were thinking about their feelings when you teased them during breakfast." Elladan sighed and shook his head. "So we are beginning to get back to our old mind again, hm Elir?"

"What do you mean?"

"You spend a little TOO much time, thinking about the feelings of others."

"You just asked me to, did you not?" Elladan was suprised to see that his brother seemed really mad at him. He wasn't used to that feeling and he didn't like it. "Elrohir, I am sorry, I did not mean to tease you or hurt your feelings."

"Perhaps you should think before acting the next time then." With that said Elrohir turned and ran away, not caring anymore to see the beautiful horses and sweet colts he could have seen.

Elladan froze. It wasn't like Elrohir to be that upset about a little fight. But on the other hand he hadn't seen his brother for some time. He sighed and went into the stables alone. Petting Alakrist's head and then making sure that all of them were well. He stayed with the horses for some time and didn't notice that is was already getting dark when the door to the stables opened. "Here you are." Glorfindel smiled. "You had a quarrel with him?"

"Leave me alone."

"Give him a little time to get used to his life and you again. It is not easy for him. Perhaps he just needs some time to be alone."

"Go and take care of Erestor."

"He is busy. I have nothing else to do then to see the oldest son of my best friend at the moment." Elladan sighed. "Remind me to ask father to give you more work."

"That would be good, hannad."

"Why do you not go to comfort Elrohir?"

"Your mother found him before I did."

"And I presume Adar is the one that keeps Erestor busy, hm?"


"Could you not go and look after our guests?"

"No, I would prefer to talk to you."

"You are torturing for teasing you at breakfast, right?"

"No, I am teasing you for torturing Erestor." Another sigh escaped Elladan's lips. "I should have guessed it."
Chapter end notes: Suilad = hello
Quel arin = Good morning [made-up by connecting words]
Mae = Yes
Atar/Adar = father
Hannad = thanks
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