The Warmth of Your Love by Zilah

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Story notes: Beta: Tena

I really love Elrond and Erestor, but all too seldom, I have found anything beautiful or romantic written with this adorable pairing. So I have to correct the situation.

And thank you, Tena for your excellent work. Without you, I was lost.
It was an extremely cold winter, and even Erestor felt the chill even though he was fully elven. He was worried about his hervenn, who had been constantly shivering these last few weeks. Being half-elven, the coldness affected to Elrond even more.

Erestor had thought about how he could warm up his beloved hervenn and had finally found the solution. He stood now in the chambers he shared with Elrond, and smiled when he saw that everything was as he had planned. It was time to go and fetch Elrond.

Erestor found his hervenn in his office, in front of crackling fire, wrapped in a blanket.

"Are you all right, meleth? Why didn't you tell me that you feel so cold?" Erestor asked, concerned.

"I'm fine, meleth. I'm not actually cold, but... I just feel... tired." Elrond said, smiling wearily.

"That's it, meleth! You'll come with me, now." Erestor demanded, and picked Elrond up. He paid no attention to Elrond's objections, and escorted him to their chambers.

Elrond's eyes widened when he saw that their chamber's décor was completely rearranged. He smiled, pleased, as he noticed that their bed had been moved much closer to the fireplace than before. The fire has been set, and the bed seemed warm and inviting, with many blankets and pillows in it.

Without a word, Elrond started to undress himself.

"What you are doing? Are you not cold?" Erestor started, but Elrond only smiled.

"Oh, I'm sure that I will keep warm... as long as I have my favorite blanket with me." He purred, and carried Erestor in the bed.

When Erestor finally slept peacefully in his arms, Elrond thought of how real his words had been. He felt completely warm and cherished, and the very reason for it was his beloved Erestor.
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