The Tailor's Tale by Kathryn Ramage

More light snow fell on the second night of the Yuletide festival, but it wasn't enough to keep the hobbits in their homes. The bonfire in the Bywater Market Square, left from the "tatters" ceremony of the night before, was rekindled and brought to a towering blaze. Hot food and drinks were served at the Ivy Bush Inn, musicians played on the inn's courtyard, and boughs of fresh pine and colorful bunting were hung everywhere.

Frodo wore his new finery under his best blue woolen cloak, and danced with the few ladies who asked him, for the second day of Yule was traditionally a time when ladies could do the asking for a change. He had a dance with Rosie, but regretfully not with Sam; both were able to come to tonight's party, since the Gaffer had agreed to look after the children.

The Gamgees were dancing together and Frodo had gone to get some refreshments, when he spotted Mr. Threadnibble among the crowd. The tailor was wearing a new black coat with brocade facings on the lapels and carved bone buttons. He was arm-in-arm with a lady whom Frodo recalled seeing once or twice before.

When he saw Frodo, the tailor smiled and came over to speak to him. "Nothing I like more'n seeing a bit o' work I'm proud of out-and-about on a customer. The best publicity for my trade I could ask for. That waistcoat turned out nicely, didn't it?"

"Beautifully," agreed Frodo. "Thank you for so finishing it so swiftly."

"And it looks well on you. It's always a pleasure to dress you, Mr. Baggins. There's not a gent in Hobbiton who has better taste, I always say."

"You look very handsome yourself tonight, Mr. Threadnibble," Frodo replied. "That's a fine coat you have on, and it fits you very well. I would call it your best work. You did as I suggested?"

"That I did, Mr. Baggins, and I'm more glad of it than you know! It's a wonder you saw what she was after and gave me a hint, else I wouldn't ever've known. I might've missed out..." He turned to find his companion and held out a hand to beckon to her. As she came forward, the tailor said, "May I present Miss Potts, who's to be my wife in the new year?"
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