Friends are Forever by Carhuine Malthenel

Chapter notes: Sorry rl has been so fucking hectic. What with the flooding, sick kid, bad job, and weird man. Here is a chp to enjoy!
Eomer sighed and sat down at the table, he ran his fingers through his hair. He wondered how much to tell these warriors.

"When Grima came back earlier then planned...I wondered why. Mu uncle never questioned him because Saruman had him under his control at the time. But Grima bragged to the men about an elf. That he had done some bad things to the elf. He said he would have donre ire if he had not been stopped. When Gandalf broke the spell my uncle wanted to kill the worm but Legolas and Aragorn begged him not to. I never knew why. Legolas was not the first to do such things to......" Eomer trailed off.

Elrond had his arm wrapped around the prince for support. "What else did he do?"

"I do not wish to say." Eomer said shortly.

"Please...." Elrond began but he was cut off.

"Do not ask me I beg of you!" Eomer shouted as he slammed his hand down on the table.

"What did he do to you?" Legolas asked softly knowing the denial that shone in the horse lord's eyes.

Eomer's head snapped up and he sneered at Legolas but kept silent.

"Eomer! You must tell them!" Eowyn intrupted sadly. "Legolas will understand.."

"'Wyn! Be silent! It will do no good to dredge up the past!" Eomer spat furiously.

"Stop being a coward! They can help you they are elves! They help people!" Eowyn said naively.

"'Wyn stop being a child!..."

But Eowyn ignored him and turned to Lord Elrond. "Grima beat Eomer badly when he was a child. Eomer took it to protect me. But this secis kis killing him!"

"By the gods woman if you were not my sister you would be dead where you stand!" Eomer shouted as he turned and stormed out of the room.

Eowyn sighed and left to go to the healing quarters.

Eomer stood out on the battlments looking at the corpses of Orc and Uruk. Legolas walked out and stood behind him, Elrhad had gone to find them private quarters.

"You feel it to don't you?" Legolas asked quietly. "The shame. You ask yourself the what if questions. I know how you feel. Do you wish to talk?"

"I was a child and he took my childhood away. My uncle never knew." Eomer said as Legolas stood next to him.

"You should tell him."

"Why? It's past..."

"The past can still hurt you."


"It can. It can even kill an elf. I am glad Elrond loves me. He is why I didn't leave when the snake attacked me."

"I was wondering did he..."

"No...He wanted to but Elladan and Elorhir stopped him. You?"

"He tried Gamling came in...then on I was never alone with him. Nor was Eowyn."

"Tell Theoden King....He can help you."


Eomer shouted as Legolas passed out, stunned Eomer found a small puncture wound under his arm pit. He gathered Legolas up in his arms and ran into the keep.
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