Friends are Forever by Carhuine Malthenel

When Elrond ended the kiss Leoglas stepped back and simply looked at him. Legolas fingered a soft lock of Elrond's hair.

"How...when?" Legolas asked slightly breathless.

Elrond smiled. "Since the elevs arrived. I needed to be sire you and my son made it."

Legolas smiled but inside the guilt ate at him. He had slept with his beloved's son...even though they had his blessing he still felt horrible.

Elrond noted that slight frown on the prince's face. "Something wrong melamin?"

Legolas shook himself mentaly. "Nay...I was just thinking what would have happened if you had fallen."

"Do not think such things!" Elrond chided him.

Legolas opened his mouth to respond when the doors to the keep burst open and Aragorn strode in.

"There you are Legolas! I saw you leave with Haldir and not come back out when he did....." Aragorn trailed off as he saw who Legolas was talking to. "Father?"

Elrond smiled, nodded and embraced his son.

Aragorn returned the hug and smiled broadly. "It is good to see you! How fares Arwen?"

At the lady's name the guilt returned full force upon both of them. Elrond noted this and wondered what had occured between those two.

"Fine. She misses you." Elrond said softly. "Both of you sit now." Elrond pointed to the center table.

They sat exchanging worried looks, they both knew Elrond had seen the glances they exchanged.

"What is wrong father?" Aragorn asked.

"I was hoping you two could tell me that." Elrond said as he looked at them.

"Wee...e.....ummmm in Lorien." Aragorn tried to say.

"We slept together in Lorien." Legolas confessed not looking at Elrond.

"Valar! Is that all? You two had me worried." Elrond sighed and looked releived.

"What do you mean is that all? Isn't that bad enough?" Aragorn asked perplexed.

"Me and Arweew sew something like this would happen. You needed each other. We gave you our blessing!" Elrond said exasperated.

"But we were just saying that!" Legolas input softly.

"I would never do that to either of you...."

Elrond started to say more but the doors opened and Eomer came inside looking concerned.

"Aragorn are ylriglright? I heard raised voices." Eomer asked as he eyed the strange elf before him.

"Aye...Eomer this is my foster father Elrond Lord of Rivendell." Aragorn said. "Ada this is Eomer nephew to Theoden king."

Elrond smiled "Ahhh I am pleased to meet you. I have been wanting to speak with you,"

"About what?" Eomer asked a little suspicioius.

"What became of the man called Grima?"

"He was released and he went back to Isenguard." Eomer looked angry.

"WhyElroElrond asked shocked.

"My uncle wwished to kill him but Aragorn and Legoals begged for his life. Saying to many had died."

Legolas jumped up and placed his hand on Elrond's shoulder. "It is over! I am fine! Please let it go love."

"I cannot! How can you forgive what he did to you? He must be made to pay!" Elrond looked at Legolas his face a mask of pain and anguish.

"You cannot change the past...the Valar will see he gets what he deserves." Legolas leaned in and kissed Elrond softly.

Eomer watched all this and was shocked. The Lord and a Prince? Grima had hurt Legolas? When Grima had returned from Rivendell he had bragged about forcing an elf....was it Legolas? Eomer wondered how much to tell these people.

"Eomer when Grima returned did he say anything about why he was sent home early?" Elrond asked as he looked into Eomer's eyes.

Eomer hesitated...
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