Friends are Forever by Carhuine Malthenel

Chapter notes: Ok this is my second attempt to write a love scene. This is my first attempt to write a complete love scene. I have done it in an rp from the first person never from the third. Sorry if it sucks. *shrugs*
Elrond watched as Legolas removed his robe and he stared at what the prince offered him. He felt unworthy of such beauty and said as much.

"Nay you are the only one worthy of me. I would have only you touch me for the rest of my days. Touch me. Saes!" Legolas said desperatly.

Elrond smiled and closed the distance between them and he took the prince into his arms. He kissed Legolas with a hunger and passion that he had never dared to dream of, Moaning Legolas tangeled his hands in Elrond's hair and pulled the lord closer as if he would never let go. Legolas managed to undo Elrond's robes and he pushed them to the floor. Sighing he stepped back and looked at the Lord of Imladris. Smiling he leaned forward and nibbled a path from Elrond's lips down to his nipples. He sucked and bit one while his hand toyed with the other. Elrond gripped Legolas's sdersders as ecstacy washed over him. Gently he pulled Legolas till he was standing once more and led him to the bed. They lay down side by side and continued their explorations.

"I want to taste you...." Elrond smirked and kissed a firey path down Legolas's face, down his chest, and down to his erection.

Legolas gasped and arched as Elrond took him into his mouth completely. Moaning Legolas grabbed Elrond's hair once again and thrust up into the waiting mouth. Elrond relaxed h is throat and let Legolas fuck his mouth, All to soon Legolas screamed out his release deep into Elrond's throat. Elrond swallowed all Legolas gave him and he kissed Legolas. Legolas could taste himself on his Lord's tongue and it drove him wild with desire.

"Take me Elrond! Saes! I will die if you don't have me!" Legolas begged.

SMiling Elrond kissed and nipped at Legolas's lips while he retreived a vial of oil from the bedside table. Legolas's breath caught in his throat as elrond dribbled some on his hand. Legolas arched and moaned as a finger pressed into him. It hurt not alot but enough to distract him from the pleasure. Elrond muttered soothing words to him as he slowly added a second finger. He curled his fingers seeking ....ah there, Elrond brushed his fingers across legolas's pleasure point. Legolas sobbed as the powerful snesations reduced him to ashes and he begged Elrond to cease his torment. When the prince could accept three of his fingers without a problem Elrond slicked up his cock with the oil and pressed to head against Legloas's small dark openeing. Slowly he pushed inside and paused when the prince hissed in pain. Elrond leaned over and kissed Legolas while he stroked the prince's renewed erection. Legolas wrapped his legs around Elrond's waist and he thrust upward taking Elrond in him in one smooth thrust. Elrond cried out in bliss as he was unexpectedly sheathed inside Legolas.

"I love you Elrond!" Legolas sobbed as Elrond began to thrust inside him.

Each thrust was aimed right at the prince's pleasure point and he arched his back moaning and begging Elrond. For what he didn't know. Elrond wrenched one hand from the prince's hip and began to stroke Legolas. All to soon Legolas came screaming Elrond's name. Elrond thrust once, twice , three more times before esctasy claimed him and he came inside Legolas.

"Legolas.." He moaned as he sed oed over on the prince.

They lay like that for several minutes before Elrond rose and grabbed a washcloth and cleaned them both off. He then lay next to the prince and pulled him into his arms.

"I love you Legolas."

"And I love you Elrond......Diola lle melamin." Legolas's voice was heavy with satisfaction and fatigue.

"Lle creoso my prince. Sleep now for tomorrow you must leave." elrond said sadly.

Legolas turned and looked Elrond in the eye. "I will come back to you I swear."

Elrond nodded and they held each other as they fell asleep fearful of what the approaching dawn would bring.
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