My Love by Silver15

Chapter notes: How did Aragorn feel about Boromir's death and Legolas's confession? Continues from the last chapter, but this time it is Aragorn speaking.
As Legolas finally sleeps, I sit and watch over him protectively. In the days since Boromir's death, he has barely eaten or slept, his heart grieving for his beloved. And watching him struggle with his sadness alone nearly destroys me, yet it seems that there is little I or Glimi can do. When Boromir died it hurt me deeply, but having to see Legolas blaming himself tears me apart inside. Until tonight, I hadn't realised quite how much Boromir meant to him; he kept it very well hidden.

I knew that Boromir loved Legolas, just as Boromir knew my feelings for the elf. We were rivals for his affection, but as far as I knew, he didn't see either of us in that way. I feel guilty about it now, but I'd always thought that if Boromir was out of the way, maybe Legolas would come to return my feelings, given time.

Although I never hated Boromir, I always saw him as a nuisance, someone who was constantly coming between me and the elf I loved. That's why I never told Legolas that Boromir loved him until now, and that's only because I wanted to ease his pain. I see now, that maybe if I had told Legolas, I could have made two people happy, even if only for a short time. If I could turn back time then that's what I would do. But now it's too late. Like I told Legolas, we can't change things. Boromir wasn't the perfect man, far from it, but if he had had someone to love...could things have been different? That's something we will never know.

Glimi's snoring jolts me from my thoughts and I have to smile. If he carries on like this, we won't need to hunt orcs. The orcs could find us quite easily just by following the noise. I half consider putting something over his head to stop the noise, then tell myself that it doesn't matter. After all, the orcs haven't come looking for us yet, so it's not likely they will now.

Slowly, moving as quietly as I possibly can, I walk over to where Legolas is sleeping and kneel down beside him. Gently I reach out a touch a strand of his long, blond hair as my eyes stay fixed on his face.

"My beautiful elf" I whisper. "My beautiful Legolas"

Yet I knew the truth, even if my heart couldn't quite accept it. Legolas wasn't mine, his heart was still Boromir's and even death couldn't change that. He didn't love me the way I loved him, no matter how much I wished that things could be different.

But, I thought as I returned to original watching position, maybe one day things could change. Although I knew that Legolas still had much grieving to do, I was there to help him through it. And, when he was ready to love again...well maybe then things would be different. It would be a long time, but I could wait.

"You hear that Legolas" I whispered. "I will never leave you. You are my reason for living, my light in the darkness. I love you, and I'll wait as long as it takes for you to return that love"

He stirred, and for a moment I feared he had awoken, but he only rolled onto his side. Giving a sigh of relief, I sat back, my sword by my side, and waited for the sun to rise...
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