In your heart by Zilah

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Story notes: I really love Elrond and Erestor, but all too seldom, I have found anything beautiful or romantic written with this adorable pairing. So I have to correct the situation.

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"Have you ever thought what will become of us, when we finally leave these shores?"

Erestor looked at his mate, frowning. Elrond had been so melancholy after learning his daughter's choice to love a mortal and die beside him. All Erestor's efforts to cheer Elrond up had gone in vain. He left his work and sat on Elrond's lap, kissing him softly.

"Why do you ask?" He asked, smoothing Elrond's dark hair.

"I don't know. I just feel sometimes... what if the twins make the same decision. What if it is only I, who is leaving to Aman? I don't even know if I could ever feel that the Blessed Realm was my home, after being in Middle-earth so long. Everything that I love is here in Imladris.

"Oh, meleth (love)! I wish I could help you. But there is only one thing I can say."

"What is it; and don't fret because of me. You mere presence is easing my heart."

"I can tell you where my home is and that is in your heart. If I ever lost you, I couldn't live a day." Erestor said, his voice quivering with emotions.

Elrond raised Erestor's chin, making their gazes meet. He gasped, at seeing pure love and devotion shining in the eyes he so loved.

"I love you so much, Erestor nín. You are my home. Wherever I go, I want you beside me and in your arms I will be safe." Elrond whispered, holding his mate tightly.

They kissed. No words were necessary when they let their hearts speak. Both knew that they were at home, as long as they were in each other's arms.
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