I Will Always Remember by Crystal Dragon

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My dear one... My love... my heart calls you all these things as I look to you now. I can not stop it, nor do I wish to. Even If I can never tell you. Never show you... though I know if you looked up now. Looked into my eyes you would see it. Clear as the brightly shining sun on a summers day. But you do not look to me, and I know you will not. Your eyes, as they have been the last several days as we make our way down the Great River Anduin by boat, are upon the Ringbearer. No, not the halfling himself, but upon his burden.

The others see it, as I do. Of course how can they not? I hate the looks of hate and mistrust they throw in your direction, that I know you see as well as I do. I want to scream at them. We are a 'fellowship' or so the others are fond of saying. Yet instead of taking you into our circle as you struggle against the enemy they push you away to fight on your own. And you do fight, my dear love. As fiercely as you did with your blade in the Mines of Moria. Protecting us all as you did then, for with the Ring's influence working upon you so strongly it has all but ignored the rest of us. Even the Ringbearer himself.

It sees you as the weakest link in our chain, just as the others do, yet you might just be the lock that holds us all together. For so long you have fought, and fought bravely. Yet no one sees that as an accomplishment, but as weakness. For they do not have to fight. They do not realize you fight for us all.

It makes me want to weep, though I do not. But I can not completely keep the sadness from my eyes. If you turned to me then, you would no doubt mistake it for pity. I do not pity you, my dear Boromir. I admire you, envy your strength, love you like I have loved no other... I almost smile remembering how I thought of you the first time we met at Lord Elrond's council. I thought you foolish, arrogant, and much too young for the task that had been appointed you. Then I did look at you in mistrust when you joined the fellowship, like the rest of us, I only thought that you joined to find a way to take the ring for your own at some point along our journey.

It was then I began to watch you... as did everyone else. Yet it was only I who began to see what the others did not. Your passion for life. The faith and pride you had in yourself and your own people. Your kind and gentle nature you often tried to hide, but was clear as day every time you laughed or played with Merry and Pippin.

Those precious days have long been gone, and it pains and angers me to see the two halflings who once looked at you with such trust in their eyes, now tinged with fear. But I cannot really blame them. They do not understand. And I know not even they had the power to stop this descent if they could...

I almost went to you that night. In Lorien... The first night of peace we had had in what seemed like so long. The bright light of the woods, chasing away the lingering dark left by the Mines of Moria.

But I could see the golden woods brought you no comfort, and that saddened me. I saw Aragorn speak to you that night, so I decided to wait. I wish I had not... for the Lady of the Wood called me to her then and I could not ignore her summons.

I know she had seen my love for you when she looked into my eyes, I was not ashamed of it. Other elves might have turned their nose up at such a love, love with a mortal, but she did not look at me with disapproval but pity. She told me she knew of your struggle with the Ring, and then asked me something that nearly stopped my heart. She asked me not to go to you... to leave you to your fate...

Of course I immediately refused, angered beyond comprehension that she would simply let you fall from the cliff you barely clung to now to shatter upon the rocks below. I said so, and when I made to leave, to find you, again she stopped me. What she told me then replacing anger with a fear like I had never known before.

She told me your fate. That you would try to take the Ring from its bearer. That you would fall at the hands of the Uruk-hai protecting the young hobbits with your life. That you would die in the future king of Gondor's arms... and it must be so...

Why! I could not understand. At first I thought her cruel and heartless to leave a man like you to such a fate, not even try to stop it. I begged with her to look again, for I had no gift of foresight but I knew that the future was always in motion, ever changing. There had to be another path that might be taken... but no... she told me it was the only path that might ensure our success. That might save us all... the greater good of all bought at the sacrifice of one man...

For it was only through your fall would the Ringbearer find his strength to continue his quest on his own. It was only through your honor, your devotion to your people even in your last moments of life that would rekindle Aragorn's faith in his own kind. Leading to the destruction of the Ring and the return of the king of men.

It was only through your death that we might all live...

I watch you now and I know soon it will be over. It breaks my heart but I say not a word. I know it is too late now, even if I somehow found the strength to deny the greater powers manipulating us all.

So I watch you, as the others do, but not with fear or mistrust in my eyes but love. For I do love you, my dear Boromir. With all my heart and soul. The love of an elf is eternal, and I will always remember you for who you truly were. Not for how history will now paint you.

You were the strongest of us all. You saved us all...

I will always remember...
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