Subways and Undergrounds by pixiegreen

Chapter six- Interruptions Karl

It's amazing to walk through a house where you used to live; with the many years he has been absent the house had evolved with the times yet still looked the same. The familiar paintings hung in their correct places like old friends they warmed Karl's heart welcoming him home but all the while the new photo's and posters reminded him of the years he had missed.

His rooms had been left untouched, he could see a book mark still keeping its place in a story never finished, and the long unfashionable clothes still filled the drawers.

He didn't feel like staying in, he had finally arrived home but he had too much energy to waste the night cooped up in the cold stone walls of the clan base. Grabbing one of his old leather coats from his past wardrobe, he snuck out his room, making his way through the memorable maze of long corridors he reached one of the many doors to the castle, praising his luck in missing any of his old friends and the no doubt dull exchange of information that had built up over the years.

Viggo would forgive him for borrowing his car; he probably disliked the metal machine anyway favoring the traveling style of many years past.

He roared passed through the city, its lights flashing by him, he had forgotten how bright the city could be. None of his old hangouts seemed to exist anymore, most converted into coffee chains or shiny looking shops with Barbie modeled mannequins. He abandoned the car searching for anything remotely interesting.

Walking down streets he once knew, same names just completely different. On bath street he found a line of new looking clubs, past the bouncers he walked down the stairs into club Kushion, the pulsing beats and the swaying bodies all around increased his thirst. He wanted someone perfect, but as always he knew he would fail, settling for the blood of a murderer or evil minded.

He could feel hungry eyes glance his way as he moved his way through the club; he gently separated the dancing crowd and walked up to the bar.

He searched the room, knowing he wouldn't find what he wanted.

"Wanna dance?" the voice interrupted his thoughts, he was a pretty little thing, he would do for tonight.

Inclining his head he led the young man to the dance floor, letting him follow in his wake.

He allowed the man's hands to roam over his body while his own slipped through the mans hair, when the man's hand slipped lower Karl couldn't help but smirk, humans were so impatient! But he indulged the man, pulling him up to meet his lips.

He tasted sweet, but the kiss was rough. Karl pulled back to whisper into his ear.

"So what should I call you? I would know your name before we went further yes?" The man laughed, now stroking Karl's chest,

"Mark, follow me out back?"

This one was brash; this meal would be too easy. It never ceased to surprise Karl how the taboos of sex had disappeared over the years, he remembered the once challenging circumstances that came with the fondness for men many years ago. He should have been born in this time, it was so much more open, wilder and everyone was curious!

Allowing himself to be lead out into on of the many back streets of Glasgow, Mark pushed him up against the wall, ravishing his mouth.

He wasn't going to have that, turning the tables he spun mark round unnaturally fast and easily claimed dominance, he could feel Mark shiver as he stroked his neck.

Ending the kiss, he began to lick at Marks neck. He was just a meal to him, a pretty meal but a meal none the less.

He sank his teeth into Mark's neck without struggle, the man was too far gone now, and he was under Karl's entire control.

Relishing the familiar bitter taste as it flowed from the man to his veins, Restoring strength, filling his appetite. Finishing he was about to wipe the man's memory clear of the whole event when he felt an iron grip on his shoulder, a second later he was slammed against another wall.

Recovering a little he wanted to get a look at his attacker, looking around he wouldn't see anyone, the street was now empty except for the now anemic looking Mark trying to dash out of sight. Making to follow him he felt himself grabbed from behind and thrown once again.

He could see his attacker now, and he couldn't help but be shocked. A real angel, a broad chested curly brown haired angel with an expression of pure revulsion. They were supposed to be almost extinct, why was there one here of all places, trying to harm him? He was hardly the biggest threat to the human race; surely they should be off fighting the werewolves! It is them that are the real threat around here.

Feeling a gust of wind behind him, hearing the flapping that signified the entrance of another yet angel, He knew when to pick his battles but he couldn't understand why two Angels had decided to kill off little old him.

The Angel in front of him was the last thing he saw before the white light of spell hit him. As the magic seared through him he just hoped that Viggo would figure out whatever the hell was going on. If anyone could it would be him.
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