Subways and Undergrounds by pixiegreen

Chapter 4-Heading home-Edinburgh

*just want to remind people that this is my first story and I do know my character dialogue still needs some work so forgive me if its rubbish. Practice should help I'm sure.


There was something about the idea of a vampire going through a metal detector that made Karl smile. Vampires can fool all mortals no matter how intelligent they were but they cannot hoodwink these daft looking machines-not that he really needs a weapon but it was just the sheer annoyance of the extra waiting and the tedium that it brought.

All these restrictions and measures which are taken, they just seemed alien to him.

He remembers the first time he had to go through a metal detector, he had been stopped three times with the stupid alarm, he could feel anger beginning to grow in his stomach-all he had to comfort himself was the fact that he could break the stupid bleeping machine with less than a flick of his wrist but that wasn't enough to prevent him from terrifying a balding man wearing a security uniform who had tried to touch him in a way he was sure went further than a usual inspection, he was sure the man made it bleep on purpose.

Once upon s time having a weapon on you was essential, you would either have to be very brave or suicidal to go without a weapon, but these days life had more value so these ridiculous checks were unavoidable.

He had always marveled at flight. For years he had been jealous of the Angels ability fly, they were majestic while they flew, their white wings spread wide as the soared through the sky.

Now these mortals found a way to fly, blasting fumes into the air as the metal machines roared across the sky, he admired the intelligence behind it but there was no elegance or grace to it, you couldn't feel the wind in your hair and go where ever you wish or even just glide through the sky just for the fun of it. On these planes all you could feel was the overpowered air conditioning and sitting pains while the in the tiny seating space you had the silent fight for the armrest would commence.

He had finally landed in Edinburgh and once he had gone through the final motions of the airport system he set about to find his lift. he was moving through the last of the crowds when he could feel a strong presence ahead, and it was a very familiar one, he smiled as he heard the voice to accompany the presence appear in his head;

Welcome old friend, you certainly took your time, how quickly do you think you will recognize me?

He could tell Viggo's American accent not to mention his humor hadn't been unaffected through time.

Hmm less than two seconds, must be getting rusty I think, found you

By the exit doors he had spied a sandy haired man, plaid shirt and jeans-not exactly blending in with all the Scottish tourists and businessmen returning home, but what did he expect kilts? To the average human he would be uninteresting but Karl's eyes saw the unnatural tinge to the skin and the complete grace in the man's step as they walked towards each other.

"Its good to see you, ok it has been a few years but it's not like I didn't keep in contact with you" he said as he embraced Viggo.

"You call two letters and a phone call sufficient contact for twenty years?" Viggo exclaimed as his lips quirked into a smile.

"I was busy, not to mention that I only contact via the internet and it's not like the clan advertise their email address, does the clan have an email address??" Karl said as he gave Viggo a little nudge

"Probably, but I doubt any of us have figured out how to use it yet, Ian still insists on letter writing. He who lectures us on the evolution of cultures refuses to use computers; he claims they are too impersonal"

"We have our habits; I bet you still try to ride those damn horses everywhere"

"Only sometimes, but don't worry your ass can rest easy I will get you to headquarters, I do own a car now. Nowadays people get disturbed if they hear horses hooves clattering along their streets at night and I don't want to get caught trying to take my horse down the motorway again, Harry still hasn't stopped ribbing me about it"

The two of them headed off towards the airport car park. Karl loved nights like this, the sky was clear and the stars were twinkling down, it seemed like nothing escaped the silver touches of the moon. The cold Scottish weather went unnoticed by the pair as they finally found their car.

Once on their way they had settled into a comfortable silence, Viggo effortlessly mastering the winding country roads, while Karl stared out of his window, those dark eyes reflected in the window while watching the trees and hills pass him by.

It had been so long since he had been with his clan, they were his family but he had been gone so long that he had become accustomed to being alone, he was thankful that it had been Viggo who had come to collect him rather than one of the others. Viggo was like him in this respect; he never felt the need to fill time with words and was quite happy to sit in companiable silence throughout the long journey never breaking it unless Karl felt the need to talk.

Karl wasn't yet sure if he was happy to be returning home or not, he had missed them all and he protection that the clan offered but he knew that after a while he would be itching to run off again. He wanted to settle down but he just couldn't find a reason to.

Viggo could sense the loneliness in his friend's heart and he knew something was bothering him but he also knew that Karl would only talk if he was ready.

His best friend was finally coming home, and to Viggo that was all that he needed to know for now.
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