Subways and Undergrounds by pixiegreen

Story notes: Feedback: Definitely!! This is my first story, don't be gentle I can take it.
Disclaimer: complete and utter fiction.
He had always loved the underground, so many people going to so many places living out different lives with only a ride on the underground to connect them with everyone else in this one point in time. The people would never talk to each other, bustle past and push one another. He watched as the students would come on board with earphones and giant backpacks, women with giant shopping bags chattering loudly and a business man attempting to look unruffled by the girl with the piercings making herself comfortable beside him, she smiles as she ignores his discomfort. So many people for him to watch over.

For three years he has been working like this, searching for those in need of a saviour, wondering about the earth to where ever someone was praying for help.

He loved his work, Eric had often told him he should take a break, often hassling him into resting. "Your not the only Angel out there, Orli, get some sleep or I will tie you to the damn bed", he didn't doubt his Guardians warning. Eric had been one of the Angels who had come to him in his final hour, he used to be Orlando's guardian Angel before his death, though he often forgot that he didn't need to look over him anymore, though in truth Orlando felt comforted by Eric's protectiveness, he was like the brother he never had.

In his first life he had only just begun to work at the Lockerdam training hospital when he had tried intercepting a mugging only to gain to knife in the gut, that's when he was given the choice.

He remembers it like a dream; three Angels had surrounded his broken frame, their wings moving soundlessly as they descended, the one behind his head had gently pulled him to his broad chest, holding him close in his strong arms. With one quick pull he had removed the knife from his stomach swift and painlessly and handed it over to the female who placed it carefully within her robes. The man in front of him began to speak softly to him;

"Through your life we have watched you, though cut short your life was good and even your death was in sacrifice for another, you are dying now and though we cannot save you from this mortal death, we want to offer you a new one" his green eyes shone as he spoke, he wasn't looking at him but into his very soul. Though his body was growing cold and his thoughts were clouding, he understood what was being asked, it was the easiest decision of his life. Carefully turning in Eric's arms, he looked up into his deep gaze he slowly nodded "Thank you"

That was his last memory of his first life. The next time he awoke, for that is what it felt like, he was a new man. In life he had been different, he was the same person now but he just looked different. It was explained to him that as an angel he does not take on the shape of his previous looks and form but becomes a reflection of the beauty of his soul.

He looked around the carriage one final time before getting off at Queen Street, for the first time he walked around the streets of Glasgow looking for broken souls
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