A Funny Fellow by Laura

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Story notes: This is to Erin, who said "God, please don't write that crap!" Well Erin, here my crap and I think it's gold... (Feedback please) this is my first fanfic and I'm pretty nervous about comments...
Haldir sat high above the ground of Lórien in one of the tallest mallorn trees. He was lost in his train of thought and ignored all else around him.

He was concentrating on one thing, the band of odd travelers that had passed over the borders that morning - one of the members in particular, a small creature of human sort, but with the air of an innocent child.

The peculiar thing was called a hobbit, a creature that he had only heard of in tales told by elves that had journeyed near and around the Shire.

They had called him Pippin. A beautiful hobbit, with unblemished, creamy skin, brilliant green eyes and gorgeous curly auburn locks.

He shifted uneasily, "Many lovers I have had," he thought, "But to desire one of such purity would be wrong. I must not think of an honored guest as such."

As he spoke, from the rope ladder came a sudden shudder. Haldir turned to face the noise. To his surprise, the Halfling, Pippin, popped up his head and gazed at Haldir.

"Well," he said, "I see now I've climbed up the wrong tree. I'll go now." He started back down the ladder, but Haldir stopped him,

"Wait," he said abruptly. Pippin popped back up, "You may stay if you wish." He told him.

Pippin thought a moment. "Well, I'll stay for 'while. If you want me to." He smiled mischievously.

Haldir looked at him thoughtfully, pondering his curious gesture.

He clambered up onto the platform and sat staring admiringly at the elf, who looked back:

"Do I interest you, little one?" Haldir asked, smiling slightly.

Pippin nodded. "Quite. I've always wondered about elves, you know, very old and yet so fair." He bowed his head. "Makes a thing like me feel almost meaningless in your presence."

Haldir lifted his hand and gently traced the outline of Pippin's jaw, tipping his chin up, and whispering softly.

"You are certainly not meaningless to me," he said. "In fact, you are a very interesting being yourself."

Pippin looked up, wide-eyed. "Really?"

Haldir laughed, "I had not seen a hobbit in all my years, until now. It wonders me how such tiny creatures as you and your three companions could have come so far, encountering so many dangers and perils, and still pass through the woods of Lórien and live."

Pippin cocked his head to one side and fixed his eyes on the elf before him.

"What is on your mind, little one?" Haldir inquired.

Pippin shrugged. "Nothing that would be of any interest to you, The Captain of the Guards," he ended mockingly.

"You would be amazed," Haldir declared, gazing off auspiciously at the now dying sun before him. When he returned his gaze back to the Hafling, he noticed he had disappeared.

"Pippin?" Haldir called down the ladder, "Where have you gone to?"

Pippin nipped his head around and looked back up the ladder:

"Time for me to get some sleep and a bite to eat," he exclaimed, and he ran off into the wood.

Haldir sat back against the sleek bark of the mallorn and laughed quietly to himself, "Perhaps tomorrow, my queer friend."
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