Hunger by Zilah

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Story notes: Beta: Tena

I have been quite sad lately and I needed to write some fluffy to cheer myself a little. And thank you, Tena for your hard work. Without you, I was lost.
Elrond rose carefully from the bed. He turned around and looked at the elf who still slept peacefully in his bed. In their bed... Elrond stifled his urge to go and kiss his hervenn (husband) awake. Erestor seemed so beautiful in his sleep, so young and vulnerable. His raven locks spread on the pillow, and his cheeks were slightly flushed.

"So beautiful... I love you, so much, meleth (love)." Elrond thought silently, before he turned around and started to dress. Furtively, he crept out of their bedroom. Today Erestor would have his breakfast in bed. Yesterday had been the most exhausting day and Erestor especially had striven himself dead tired.

When Elrond made his way to their rooms, he was delighted to see that Erestor still was deep in slumber. Elrond climbed beside his mate, taking him in his arms and smiled happily when Erestor sleepily snuggled closer, softly sighing. For a moment, Elrond just held Erestor close, smoothing his silky hair and enjoying his unique scent. How he loved him... everything in this utterly beautiful creature. Every day Elrond thanked the Valar, for blessing him and giving him Erestor.

Slowly, gently, Elrond kissed Erestor's face, then his rosy, soft lips.

"Maer aur, meleth nín (Good morning, my love). Did you sleep well?" Elrond asked softly, when Erestor finally awoke.

"Aye... I always sleep well when you are with me, Elrond nín." Erestor whispered sleepily. Elrond frowned, worried. Erestor still seemed extremely tired. He obviously needed a day off, and Elrond was determined to make sure Erestor had that.

"Would you like to eat, meleth? I brought you a breakfast."

Erestor smiled coyly.

"I'm not so sure if I'm hungry, but maybe... if you would feed me..." He purred with a sultry voice.

"You read my thoughts, meleth. I will feed you and satisfy every hunger you might have." Elrond chuckled, and pulled Erestor into a sensual kiss.
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