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Story notes: This story was inspired off of SW corporation Shun and Walk in dream's doujinshi My Precious Vol 1 and the RP of mine. After looking both muses over, I was thinking what great story this would make, and the more I planned the more excited I became. Since going full time to work, I have lost my edge for writing. But this doujinshi really sparked in me something that has been missing. So here I give it to you, my first fanfic in 8 months!
Mirkwood, 5 months after the War of the Rings

Soft winds fluttered the thin sheets covering the Elf's bed. The sleek outline of a young Elven body was draped with the finest of cotton. No breath could be heard in the room as a young prince slept, dreaming of his lover, of how he survived, of how he became stronger, and how he left the Prince to tend to Gondor.

"Boromir," Legolas whispered, the name dropping off his lips in his disturbed sleep. In his mind's eye and in his living dream, Legolas was walking with Faramir and Aragorn, fractions of the conversation playing in his mind deep in his slumber.

'......barely alive......in the boat.......was taken for dead.....'

Legolas gasped. "Not dead?"

'.........he's barely regained his waking.........if only my father kne..........he's alive, though not healthy....'

"But not dead, oh by the stars we put him in that boat thinking he was dead....if we would have burned him we would have burned him alive!" He Elf cried, uncharacteristically.

'.....he wishes for no one to see him right now.'

"Boromir," Legolas whispered again in sleep. It was true, the Steward of Gondor was alive, mistaken for dead, or perhaps given the opportunity to live to repay is valor.

Legolas had kept it a secret from the other members of the fellowship that Boromir was fond of him, and Legolas returned the affection in the form of snippery comments. But the Steward was not easily fooled. He knew how Legolas felt about him. But the Steward was keeping it a secret from himself that he was madly in love with the young Prince of Mirkwood.

Now the Steward remained in Gondor to help Aragorn tend to the aching land and to help the war stricken people. Homes were needing to be rebuilt and many widows were left with fatherless children.

And now the fairytale of the King returning to the throne wore off of the stary-eyed people, and doubts and fears were becoming evident. Boromir was the acting Steward, the second in command and the voice of the people for the King in Minas Tirith. He was symbolic to the people, and having a face the masses knew and had grown to love was keeping a civil dispute from occuring.

Legolas remained in his own kingdom helping his oldest brother Thuryl establish a new order to the now named "Greenwood the Great." Legolas's father and once king, Thruanduil, was thrown from power, his wickedness and his greed no longer haunting the few Elves left in the forest. Still deep in his slumber, Legolas slightly whimpered as he felt the warm, rough caress of the memory of his lover touch his cheek. "Legolas," he said in his deep, rumbling voice. "Go back to Mirkwood, tend to the last of your people and I will rejoin you."

"You would not have me in your own land and let the people know that you have no intention of taking a wife, but instead an Elven Prince?" Anger threaded into the voice of the Elf.

Boromir's eyes shone brightly. "Legolas," he warned, "Kitten....please..." the sound of his pet name sent shivers down Legolas's spine, and gooey in his arm.

"I will wait for you," Legolas said softly. I will wait forever, if need be."

"Legolas I love you."

A thick swallow. "I love you as well."

Cold metal replaced the feeling of a warm hand. A ring, a heavy ring made of mythril and onyx, the symbolic Tree of Gondor crowned with the stars.

"Keep this, Legolas....keep it....and when you think I have forgotten you, look at it and remember me."

'........ride to Mirkwood.....'

Carribean blue eyes blinked back into reality, Elven dreams fading to the too-real present. Legolas groaned and rolled over, feeling of the cold empty space beside him. Empty. He hated the feeling of the empty spot beside him.

"I always wake and expect you, but you are in Gondor....." Legolas looked at his hand and at the heavy ring on his finger, and brough it to his lips. "I love you. I remember you."

His hiss bounced off the walls of Legolas's private bath chamber. The young prince enjoyed his cleanliness, so, to his delight, he was given a room strictly to bathe in private. A large pool centered in the middle of a secluded room dominated the white marbled walls, with one wall acting as a large window to look out over the waterfall of the river, located right above the cave, virtually unnoticed by any travelers. Warm springs fed the large marble tub, making the water constantly warm.. It was the only vain thing the petite Elf had made for himself. Thuryl often jabbed fun at the younger sibling that Legolas would be happier as a common Elf.

Legolas shuttered and slipped out of his robes, letting them hit the floor in a white pile. He hated the thought of being royal, placed into the limelight. He wanted to do things as he saw fit and necessary. His slender legs slipped down into the water as his body emerged into the pool of water. Shivering, he gasped lightly and stood still in the water. This pool brought back memories, when Boromir was staying in his room, sneaking him to his room after hours under his brother's nose, to cuddle and sleep with him. Nothing beyond some lewd kisses and some suggestive touching ever happened. Legolas was just happy to be in Boromir's arms. The mornings spent in this place were ones only to be spoken of in a romantic manner. Legolas let out a breath and began to wash his neck when he heard a voice from behind:

"Holding onto that ring like some sixteen year old girl. Face it he is not coming back."

Legolas turned, his eyes meeting deep brown eyes.

"Eomer!" he snapped, teeth showing. "These are private chambers, private! Have you no manners, no dignity? Why are you here?"

Eomer smiled at the flustered Elf and began to approach the pool, which made Legolas scramble to the other edge. "Such a rude greeting for an old friend, Princling," Eomer sneered at him. He bent down on his knee and looked Legolas in the eyes. The Elf was out of reach to him, but he could feel the anger radiating off of Legolas. "Such contempt for me. Such an angry Elf."

Legolas spat at him. "What I do is my own business. And why you are here is your own. Although I do not know why you came to this kingdom. Your hatred of the Elven kind is not unknown nor do you keep quiet about it."

Eomer chuckled and stood up. "I am here for diplomatic reasons. Since I am King now, I must make nice with the other 'children' in the courtyard." Eomer circled around closer to the lithe Elf, which caused the Prince to keep sliding on the edge away from him. "So beautiful, yet so cowardly.....you run from this Earth when you feel the heat placed on you, when serious matters fall into your lap. This is why Men are taking over, little Prince. Because the First Born were too caught up in looking graceful and perfect instead of taking care of problems."

Legolas's eyes burned, but he held his tongue. Fighting words with a mortal was not worth his energy, especially this haughty man.

Eomer eyed the ring on his finger, disgust and anger rising in him. He wished to take that ring from his finger and toss it right into the ravine. "What explanation do you give your brother about that ring, Legolas? Boromir is close to me, and I know of you two. But the rest of the Kingdom, both yours and his, is kept in the dark about this relationship. If you love this man then why do you tell people the ring was a gift for peace instead of a broken promise of a lover?"

Legolas stepped from the water and wrapped a long cloth over his small body. He eyed Eomer then closed his eyes and walked past him. "This relationship is none of your concern."

Eomer's face grew angry, yet disappointed, although Legolas could see none of it. Eomer reached out without warning and grabbed his delicate wrist in his hand.

"Eomer, what are you doing??"

Before he could say anything, his back was to the wall and Legolas was looking up into Eomer's disgruntled eyes. "Elves who play with men, Legolas, usually end up hurt." He tightened his grip and pushed Legolas' hands over his head. The drying cloth fell to the floor, making the small Elf hiss and move to cover his exposed body

"Eomer let me go right now!!!"

Eomer marveled in his mind over the small lithe body below him. "How rough can you play, Elf?" Eomer leaned in to taste his neck, but instead got a taste of his own blood as Legolas threw his head towards his direction and made contact with his nose, causing warm blood to ooze down his throat. Eomer released the Elf and stumbled backwards, sputtering profanities and curse words. Legolas picked up the drying sheet and wrapped it over his body again, then said calmly "Men who threaten Elves will end up dead. I suggest to take this as a warning. My brother does not take my safety lightly. If you go on your way and do not attempt to try anything again, I will not report you. Good day, and get out."

Eomer watched Legolas march out to dress for the day."So the game begins," he muttered. -Gondor-"This damn paperwork is going to give me a headache," the red-haired Gondorian grunted to Ellesar as he signed the last of the documents, giving the rule of Gondor back over the heir of a king of long ago.

Aragorn chuckled and looked over his shoulder. "You're almost out of ink."

"And patients. Why could my brother not have done the political side of this. HE's always had a knack for words and books."

Boromir leaned back in his chair and rubbed his own neck, trying to relieve the pressure of the stress. The last few weeks had been driving him mad, and he could not relieve the pressure by his favorite past time - a nice romp under the covers. He had been loyal, much to everyone's surprise, although that did not stop him for gazing back at pretty maidens and fair-faced boys.

"Missing the Elf?" Aragorn asked him, getting a irritated grunt from Boromir, who began to rise.

"You know I do, I've missed him since I have left. I worry he thinks I have forgotten about him. And keep your voice down, for crying out loud, Aragorn! This is nothing we both want out in the open yet. The time isn't right for him nor I!"

Aragorn shook his head, long strands of wavy hair falling into his face. "It would help if you would write him more. I could entrust the letters to my finest men."

Boromir said in a staccato voice, "I hate writing. You know that, he knows that. I'd rather speak with actions. Besides....." Boromir shook his head. "If his brother found the letter and knew that I was courting his little brother, he'd see my head on a stake at the doors of the Cave."

"I know I know!" Aragorn clapped his best friend on the back and rubbed his shoulders. "You know he knows you have not forgotten about it, but I do think it is time you paid him a visit. He might be getting lonely."

Boromir walked to the window and looked down in the courtyard. What he wasn't telling Aragorn was something he hoped his greatest friend was not telling him. He was scared, scared of what he was feeling. Legolas and he made a pact that they were not 'serious' enough yet to be exclusive, but Boromir had lost all desire for anyone else, and knew that Legolas wanted no one but him. He was afraid to admit it, but he was falling for him, and falling in deep.

"I should have been sending him something......a note, a gift, hell, just a snippet of my hair, I've been a bad....." He trailed off, not knowing what to call himself.


Boromir snorted and closed the window. "You have a boyfriend when you're 16 and giggle when you hold hands."


Boromir stood still, only the sound of the wind whipping over the tallest level of the city. "A mate is a chum, not a person you whisper sweet nothings to."

Aragorn grinned at him. "How about his lover."

"And that sounds like I married him. And I've not yet taken the full pleasure of his body"

"You want to."

Boromir just glared at him with angry green eyes. "I'm going to my room. If you need anything else signed, notified, approved, or thrown away, my brother is gallivanting in the city. Misery loves company and I am beginning to envy his freedom. Good day!"

Boromir walked out quickly and shut the door behind him. He rubbed his face and turned to go to his room. It was time he sent his Elf something to let him know he was still alive.....and still thinking about him. "This is stupid, I've never acted like this for anyone ever, it's like I actually plan to settle." The thought alone made Boromir shiver in his boots. But the thought of his lover also made him melt in the very same boots. He could imagine him right now, looking out his window, wondering what he was doing right at this moment. He sighed and shook his head. "He's probably busy with his work right now. I wished I would have brought him with me. I miss him terribly so." Pride quickly vanishing, the Steward let down his guard when no one was in sight and leaned onto the banister of the balcony looking out towards the mountains once separating the boundaries of Mordor and Gondor. People below Boromir hastened around, and right below his feet he could see men and horses moving in and out of the courtyard. The air smelled of baked goods ready to be bought and brought home for dinner. "Would have been a perfect day to take him on a picnic," Boromir said under his breath. "It would have been a perfect day to take him to the pool and on a walk. He's been begging me to-"

"Why do you not send for him, brother?" A soft yet firm voice said from behind.

Boromir snorted and looked over behind him. "Faramir, that Elf is the least of my concerns right now. We're rebuilding a city, comforting people that a worried over the change of a ruler. And can you people PLEASE stop talking of it!!! Is a SECRET relationship!!"

"You love him, do you not?" Faramir said quietly, walking into the room and sitting down on his bed. "I saw how you were with him before you left for Gondor - I was there with you. You were holding his hand and you smiled when he was near you. When it was the three of us fishing, when you could let your guard down, and he could as well."

Boromir glared at his brother, trying to read him.

"I know you are used to drunken nights and multiple partners and weekly parties. But Boromir, you're no longer a strapping young lad like you once were. And you no longer have to bear an heir for the line of the Steward to continue. I do not think the people of this city would frown down on you cou-"

"Faramir that is enough!" Boromir walked over, a panic on his face. "Do you know what the city would say of me if they knew that I would prefer to lay with a male Elf instead of a fine princess of the high court?? Besides, it's not the rumors I worry over, it is the....the thought of giving up my life like it is now. I can have any creature that catches my eye, weather it be a noble woman, bar maid or a stable boy."

"He's worth it, brother. Have you made love to your Elf yet?"


"Maybe you should.....lay with him a night. I know you fear breaking such a lovely creature, but I believe he is ready for you. Please, go to him, be with him. And you will soon see that you desire to be with him, and only him."

Boromir turned away from Faramir and looked out the window. "Send for him, Faramir."
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