The Best of Us All by Nadja Lee

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Story notes: 02/01/2002

English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.

Timeline: Set within the 'LOTR: The Fellowship Of The Ring' movie Universe: ONLY movie!

Sequel/series: Comparison piece to Kiss Of Death.

Dedicated to Sean Bean who played Boromir. He's the reason I loved the movie so much *G*

Thanks to Sorcieré for the Beta.
Death is such a final thing. All I wanted to say will now forever remain unspoken.

I recall Boromir's words as he died. He called me his brother and that I were. He called me his King... that I was not. I should have been but I was not. The burden I should have bore he took upon himself. But it wasn't his burden to bear. It should never have been his burden to bear. Gondor's fate should have been my concern and my burden but it became his. Too much was asked of him. Way too much. To save a nation, heal a country and unite a people. 41 years of age he was but his eyes were so much older, his soul burdened by so much hardship. I find comfort in the fact that he's finally at peace now. I knew him for so short a time yet I never once saw him relax, I never saw him really smile and be happy. He was always hunted by troubles and concerns greater than himself.

He was truly the greatest of us all. He was the fairest of us all. His whole life was dedicated to the well being of others; even his death was dedicated to someone else. When did he ever do something for himself? Was he ever really happy? I'll never know and maybe that's the best for what if I find that the burden I could not pick up, the burden I left for him... was too much for him? Weighted him down?

I know it did. I could see it in his eyes. Life hadn't been easy on him. Battles and demands seem to be all he had ever seen. So young a man yet so old a soul.

I wish I had told him how much I've come to admire him. I wish I had let him know that I was proud to be a man of Gondor when I saw his courage and strength.

I wish I could say his death was an easy one but it was not. It was painful yet he kept fighting on. Three arrows in his chest yet he stood his ground. I wonder if I would have that same strength. I pray he died with peace of mind if not of body though I doubt it. He was troubled by his attempt to take the Ring but I hope he knew I don't blame him. No harm was done and he redeemed himself many times over. In his mind I fear he died in shame but in my mind he died with honor. He died like a King; fighting the enemy and dying with his blade in his hand.

As I now walk on I pray his sacrifice wasn't in vain. I gave my word that Gondor would not fall to Sauron and that vow I will keep to. With my life or death if needs be.

It is strange for they say I am the rightful King though to me Boromir was the true King.

He was the fairest of us all, he was the bravest of us all and he was the best of us all.

Rest in peace, brother.

Finally... be at peace. This is what I wish for you... Lord Boromir.

My brother

My friend

My hero

A kiss I gave you for farewell. I pray you knew what the gesture meant. I hope you knew...

I loved you
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