Spinning the Wrong Bottle by Marindil of Mirkwood

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Story notes: Mostly fluff and fuzz.
“So, what do you guys want to do tonight?” Jarl asked his guests.

Orlando groaned from his spot on the couch. “Nothing. Just tell jokes and stories I guess.”

Viggo and Marton glanced at one another and voted on a game. “Let’s play spin the bottle.” They said simultaneously.

Jarl looked at Orlando, who rolled his eyes and sat up. “Whatever.” He said. “As long as we do something.”

So, the four men sat on the floor and placed a glass coke bottle on the floor in the center of their circle.

“Okay,” announced Jarl. “Who’s going first?”

Everyone’s eyes landed on Marton. “What?” he said.

Still, the many colored eye ring stayed focused on him.

“Oh alright!” he said, spinning the bottle. His heart pounded as it slowed to a stop. Who would it be? It turns out, to his luck, Jarl. “Thank god!” he said, breathing a sigh of relief.

Jarl sat patiently on the floor and waited to be smooched.

Marton knelt down on one knee and leaned in.

When their lips touched, Viggo and Orlando could literally see sparks fly.

The kiss became so intense that Marton crushed the young man’s lips.

Jarl shoved him off when he felt the pain. “God Marton!” he yelled. “That hurts!”

“I can’t help it,” said Marton. “Your lips are so delicious.”

Viggo nearly barfed. “Gross.” He said.

Next, Jarl went. Once again, he had to kiss Marton.
“This must be my lucky day.” Marton laughed.

Jarl rolled his eyes and told him to just kiss him and get it over with.

Next was Orlando, which to his disappointment, landed on Jarl.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” exclaimed Jarl. “I’m not kissing him!”

Orlando was so desperate for it to land on Viggo, and he stormed off in anger for that reason.

Minutes later, Viggo met him out on the balcony. “What’s your problem?” he asked.

The younger man turned away from him. “I don’t want to play that game anymore. Let’s go home.”

“Oh c’mon Orly,” Viggo replied. “It’s just fun with friends. Look at Marton and Jarl.”

Orlando turned to see Jarl kissing Marton playfully. They laughed and joked at every time Jarl kissed his nose. The young brit sighed and lowered his head in disappointment.

“I am such a loser.” He bluffed.

“No you’re not!” protested Viggo. “You are funny and sexy and I love you.”

Orly shot his head up to look at the older man.

Viggo smiled slyly while staring into the younger man’s chocolate eyes, then lifted his chin higher and kissed him.

“Come on,” he said. “Let’s go in and finish the game.”

Jarl welcomed them back into his apartment and told them they’d went on to playing poker.

Marton had a laugh attack when Orlando bet all of his chips on the second round. “Dude you are going to lose!” he chuckled.

Orlando sneered at him and surprised him by winning with a royal flush.

“How did you do that?” he asked.

The young brit laughed. “Well I do have a queen.” He said.

Jarl shook his head. “Show off.” He said. “You think you know everything just because you come from a rich country.”
“We aren’t rich; it’s just that our government is a Monarchy.” Orlando corrected.

Jarl puffed up his chest. “Well excuse me Mr. History Major I’m sorry I didn’t take your class at Oxford!”

Marton put a hand over his face in disgust. “Shut up already!” he said.

The commotion between the two men stopped, but they didn’t quit giving each other evil glances.

Viggo noticed this and decided around midnight that it was time to go home. “Thanks for the fun night guys.” He thanked Marton and Jarl.

“Your welcome, but please remember to keep your little elf ling under control next time eh?” he laughed.

Orlando growled when he heard this and scowled at a snickering Jarl.

“Well don’t forget you’ve got one of your own!” Viggo replied.

“Hey!” protested Jarl.

Marton laughed once more and bid them goodnight.

On the way back, Viggo wrapped Orlando in a tight hug. “You did good with your mood tonight.” He said. “I love you for that.”

The young man smiled up at him. “Yeah I know.” He said. Soon, he could spot his friend’s apartment in the distance. “Last one there is a quiver full of arrows!” he shouted and broke into a run.

“Oh no you don’t!” Viggo said, catching up to him.

Both men laughed when they fell to the ground, slapping each other on the arm playfully.

“You are so stupid sometimes.” Viggo said.

“So are you.” Orlando agreed.

Then both men got up and dusted themselves off, walking hand in hand to the room where they slept until late the next day.
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