Behind Bars by Marindil of Mirkwood

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Story notes: This is a very touching story because I remember reading one such about Legolas being in prison, so I thought that I might just let him free the captor in this one.
Legolas awoke from his dream about his best friend being whipped. He screamed in terror as he sat up, alarming his father, the King of Mirkwood.

“Legolas my son! What troubles you?” he asked.

The young prince grabbed him by his robes and buried his face in his arm.

Thranduil received his message and wrapped him in a tight, comforting embrace.
“What is it, Legolas?” he asked once more.

Legolas pulled back slowly and wiped the tears from his face. “Oh ada,” he cried. “It was awful! I saw them hurting Haldir again!”

The king widened his eyes in worry. “What? Who?” he asked.

“The prison keepers!” the prince answered in horror. “They threw him to the cell grounds and beat him with chains!”

Thranduil cupped a hand over his mouth. “Oh my!” he cried. “How long have you seen this?”

Legolas didn’t wait a second to answer. “Since the day he went away!”

Once again, the King wrapped his crying son in a warm hug. “I must find a way to end this,” he said. “I must see if this is true.”

The prince pushed his father angrily. “I know it is true I saw it!” he shouted. “I saw them torturing him I must go to him!”

“No!” Thranduil protested. “It is too dangerous! You must stay here where it is safe Legolas.”

Legolas stood and argued with him. “I will not let him die, ada!” he said. “Please let me go I cannot dream these nightmares any more.”

The king softened his expressions and began to think about how much the prince cared for Haldir.

“Every day I wait he could be getting closer to his doom.” Legolas said. “I’m begging you ada, let me go to him. Let me release him from his hell.”

Thranduil breathed a sigh of disappointment and stood to face his son. “You are a brave elf, Legolas.” He said, caressing his face. “You really care for this March warden, don’t you?”

The prince nodded confidently.

“If your will is to save the ones dearest to you, then I cannot hold any grudges toward you.”

Legolas smiled up at his father. “Thank you, ada.” He said.

The king patted his son’s head and held him close. “I love you.” He said.

The young elf released a tear onto his father’s shoulder. “I love you too.” He replied, then turned and left his home.

On the way out to the stables, Legolas ran into his other friend, Glorfindel.

“Where are you off to, my lord?” the kind Rivendell native asked.

“Off to free my friend from prison.” The prince replied gruffly.

Glorfindel looked at the ground in disappointment. “Your father will miss you terribly. I do not see why you would run to the aid of an elf that is not from our royal house.” He said.

Legolas glared at the other elf and grabbed his collar. “You are not from Mirkwood either, so leave me be!” he said through gritted teeth.

The Rivendell elf backed away, surprised by the anger coming from such a young man.

The prince smiled slyly, happy that he had finally ridden of this obstacle. He watched Glorfindel as he rode away, hoping he wouldn’t hate him for being so frustrated. “He has to understand…” he told himself over and over while his horse took him farther and farther away.

Haldir sat in his cell, too weak to eat the rotten stew in front of his door. He had been given his daily ration of beatings, and raped by the master. “God help me…” he whispered quietly, praying for a miracle. He’d been waiting for release for years now, and was losing hope very quickly.

The elderly man next to him watched him with growing wonder. He’d been watching him ever since he came there. “Are you an angel?” he asked, reaching a wrinkled hand through the bars.

The elf turned and stared at the other prisoner. He pitied him so, seeing his torn, stained clothing and dirty skin. “What you say?” he asked this poor human.

“Are you an angel? I’ve been longing to ask you this for very many decades now.” He said. “How come you are tortured, yet stay so beautiful?”

Haldir turned back to the urine – stained wall he had been concentrating on. He tried to figure how to answer this questioning man, for he had not enough strength to speak many words now. So, he turned and brushed his tangled, greasy locks behind his ear.

The old man stared unbelievably. “You are an elf!” He said, a smile tracing his dried lips. “I am blessed with this meeting!”

The March warden stared at this strange man, wondering what he was so happy about.

“I have been waiting my whole life to see a real elf!” the human continued. “I have heard so many tales of them, and here I am in prison with one!” he said, clapping his hands together.

Haldir rolled his eyes, but then began to feel bad again. “Please don’t remind me of this place I am trapped in.” he asked him.

The old man stopped his rejoice and looked at the young elf in sorrow.

“I shouldn’t be here.” He continued. “I was just coming to deliver a message, and they took me in like a thief.”

The coot sighed in agreement. “I was taken for the same reason, my boy.” He said.

The elf began to listen. “What happened to you?” he asked.

“I try to forget, but it is impossible.” He said. “I was delivering a letter for a man who was here many years ago. His sister, a Rohan woman named Eowyn sent me.”

Haldir’s eyes widened. “Was his name Eomer?” he asked.

The man looked up at the ceiling in thought. “Yes, I believe it was. How do you know?”

The March warden was quick to answer. “He was my lover for a time, before he died a grandfather.”

“Hmmm, I am sorry.” The man said. “Will you promise to keep me company while we remain here in this hell of stone and iron?”

Haldir crawled toward the old man and placed hands of comfort on his palms. “I promise.” He said.

Legolas rode on and on, racing through deserts, plains, and rivers in desperation to find his best friend. “I must keep going!” he told himself. “I will not rest until he is safe in my arms!”

It seemed as though it took millennia to reach the place where Haldir was being held captive, and when he did, he devised a plan to sneak in.

He would wait until the sun went down, then climb up the back of the mountain that led there, and kill any guards that lurked within the gates. Then, he would crawl through the drainage tunnel and break through the walls that enclosed the prisoners. At last, he would find Haldir and set him free! The plan was perfect!

He tied his horse up in the woods and built a fire that he cooked a deer on for dinner. He would take some meat and water for the March warden to eat so that he did not starve to death. Then, he curled up in his cloak and waited for nightfall.

Legolas was ready by the time the wolves were howling, and silently made his way through the trees. When he reached the bottom of the hill, he began to ascend, keeping his senses strong for anything unexpected to happen. As he reached the top, a large, hairy guard grabbed him by his hair and threw him to the ground. The elf wrung from his grip and stabbed a knife through his heart. The giant man groaned in pain and fell dead.

The prince continued on, killing about twenty guards as he went, until suddenly he heard a sound. It sounded like a voice crying for help, and as he advanced toward it, he realized it was Haldir. He followed it until he came to a small barred window. Peering through, he saw a dungeon, and five men throwing their arms around. When he peeked in closer, he saw the most unearthly site any one could see.

Those five guards were cheering at the Prison Master, who was raping Haldir and beating him with a whip. The elf screamed in agony as the evil man thrusted inside him and buried his steel rope in his back.

“Oh god Haldir!” shouted Legolas from above.

The commotion from inside stopped, and the rescuer realized that he had just given himself away. Within seconds, seven men were on top of him, tearing at his cloths and hair. The prince wailed in pain as the guards ripped his blonde locks from his scalp and bit him on the face. Then, they dragged him by his ears down to the dungeon, where they threw him in with his friend.

“You little bastard!” screamed the leader. “You think you could just sneak in and take whomever you please? Well now we’ve got you!” he said, laughing.

Legolas clawed at the wet floor and pulled himself over to Haldir, who picked him up and held him in his lap.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

The prince gazed up at the March warden with a tear stain face and explained. “I came to rescue you, but I was caught.”

Haldir began to cry. “How did you know I was here?”

“I had dreams about you being beaten. I had to do something.” Legolas replied.

Suddenly, the Master appeared in the doorway, an evil grin on his ugly face. “I see we have a new guest.” He sneered. “I guess we’ll just have to give him our welcome.”
Then, he reached over and grabbed Legolas by his leg, pulling him over to the dark side of the cell.

The elf watched in terror as the cruel man undressed him and began to rape him. He struggled hard to get away, but every time he moved the master would slap him across his face.

“Quiet boy or I’ll kill you!” he yelled.

Haldir tried hard not to watch the scene unfold, but was forced to by one of the Master’s servants.

The old man next to Haldir gripped the bars of his cell and cried for the Mirkwood elf. “Leave him alone!” he shouted at one of the guards.

The troll – like being stomped over to where he was and grabbed his throat. “If I were you, I would keep my mouth shut unless I wanted some!” he bellowed, throwing the helpless man backward against the stone wall.

The March warden couldn’t take anymore. He leaped up and pounced on the back of the guard who had just harmed the old man. “You bastard you!” he shouted as he beat him on the back of his head. Haldir heard another servant coming and drew the guard’s sword, digging it into his head.

Legolas screamed for his friend to get his knives. The Master again slapped his face, only this time, seven times.

“I said to shut your trap or you would be dead meat!” he shouted.

The prince pretended to be afraid, but then acted serious. “No,” he said. “You’re dead meat!”

It was then that the prison keeper snatched up his whip and began to beat the elf.

“Big mistake.” Legolas said quietly, then turned when the evil man was about to hit him again and grabbed his arm. With one swift motion, he broke the wrist and sliced off his hand.

“Aaaaghhhh!” the master screamed in agony. “I’ll get you!”

Then, he ran towards Legolas, who picked up his sword and cut him in half.

The old man, who had been watching, cheered happily. “Good job!” he said

Haldir had killed the other guards by that time, and was ready for the escape.
“Thank you Legolas! Thank you!” he said, embracing his friend.

The prince smiled and returned the favor.

All of a sudden, the March warden kissed him, bringing a feeling of joy to the younger elf’s heart. Then, he took him over to a pile of rags and made love to him.

Legolas was in solitary grace as Haldir plunged down upon him, feeling the love of a thousand Kings and Queens. He was taken on an adventure that went farther than the one he had just taken to rescue his current lover. Across seas, oceans, and valleys he journeyed, seeing the history of his people; and the sacrifices they made to continue their lives of precious immortality. It was now that he finally realized how much he loved Haldir, and how much he wanted to ask him the most important question he’d probably ever ask.

“Haldir,” he began.

The March warden perked up his pointed ear to listen. “Yes my prince?” he said while kissing his neck.

“Will you marry me?”

The Lothlorien elf pulled back and gazed at the pretty Mirkwood’s cream face. “You mean that?” he asked.

Legolas nodded. “Yes my love, I do.”

Haldir smiled and kissed the prince.

“I will then, and we will be together forever.”
The younger elf smiled and hugged his lover. “Aye we will.” He said.

The old man watched the sweet site, a tear of joy running down his cheek. “Elves really are beautiful.” He said, blessing them with everlasting happiness.
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