Sign of the Times by Marindil of Mirkwood

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Story notes: I came up with the idea after reading stories on the Libraries of Moria and of my four favorite actors from the Lord of the Rings. The title I got from one of my favorite Queensryche songs that I thought would fit the story well.
It is October 2000 and Peter Jackson is gathering his cast members up for the filming of 'The Pass of Caradhras' scene. While the director lined them up, Viggo couldn't help but stare at Orlando. His wardrobe contoured his finely fit body, and his long golden Legolas hair glistened in the sunlight every time the wind blew. His royal blue contacts set his soft, pale face on fire. There was no doubt about it; Orlando Bloom was a thing of beauty. His fluffy day dream was interrupted when Kieran, Elijah Wood's stunt double, ran into his feet.

"Oh, geez!" Viggo said, reaching down to help the little man up.

"Cut!" shouted Andrew Lesnie, assistant director. Peter rose from his chair to give his actor some tips.

"Viggo, when you run to help Frodo, you have to actually run okay?"

The humiliated actor nodded to show he understood. Then Peter continued.

"Oh, and when you run to catch him, kind of say his name, like you're saying "Oh god! Frodo are you okay?" except just the name, not all that. Got it?"

Viggo stuck his thumb up, signaling the directors to roll camera.

"And, action!" shouted Andrew.

Once again, he did it wrong. Then another, and another, until they were finally dismissed for lunch after the fourth take.

Viggo, detached his sword from his Aragorn costume and slung it over his shoulder. Man, was he tired after seven hours of flickery! Though he was exhausted, he ran to catch up with the one he'd always loved since day one. "The little Greenleaf" as everyone called him.

"Hey Orly!" he shouted, making the young brit jump with fright.

"Oh Vig! You scared me!" he gasped.

This made the older man's tongue tickle. He wondered how it would sound to have that gasp be a sound of pleasure. "Hey, you wanna join me for lunch?" he asked his friend.

Orlando took a moment to stop and give his friend a glare of confusion. "I ALWAYS join you for lunch Viggo." He stated, a puzzled tone in his voice.

Viggo gulped. Did he know about his dream? Did he just give away his little secret? This uneasy feeling made him change the subject quickly. "So, what are we having?" he asked, speeding up his speech.

This caused another wondering gaze to erupt from Orlando's fine features. The older man gulped again. "Fettuccini Alfredo." He answered.

Viggo sighed a huge sigh of relief. "About time we eat something good. All they've been feeding us the past five weeks is stir fry, stir fry, and more stir fry!"

Orlando chuckled. "What's wrong with that?" he asked.

Viggo crossed his arms. "Nothing, but it's just so boring! And I've been eating it so much that I think I've got all my daily vegetable rations for the next six years!"

The young man couldn't hold his laughter back. He just tossed his head back and had a laugh attack.

He was still laughing ten minutes later when Viggo had him in a chair at their favorite table, and was the color of violet by the time the older man set a delicious plate of hot, steamy, fettuccini in front of him. Viggo sat across his friend for five more minutes, listening to him hoot and howl, until at last he reached over and slapped him. Elijah, Billy, Dominic, and Sean had all come to watch, and were all blamed by Orlando for the attention getter.

"Hey we didn't slap you!" Elijah protested. "If we would've all done it would've hurt twice as much."

Sean, who was next to him, nodded in agreement.

Billy stepped in next. "Also, you were laughing really loud and hard at a joke I don't even think was that funny!"

Viggo stood to his feet upon hearing this. "Hey!" he complained.

"Man dude!" Dominic said, pointing to the curved end of Orlando's nose. "Your face is as red as hell! You'd better go splash some water on it!"

Viggo glanced at the brit. It was true, his face was flushed, and when he leaned over and felt it, it was hot too. He shook his head. "Dom is right man, go on." He said.

Ten minutes later, he came back, and Viggo invited him to go for a walk. When Orly accepted, he told himself that it would be best to tell him about how he felt.

The older man waited patiently outside the cantina, and when the r16;little Greenleaf' appeared, they started their journey.

"Orlando?" he asked his companion.

"Yes?" he answered.

"I, I just want to tell you how I feel about you." Viggo stuttered.

At this point, the young man's head was cocked at him, fully intent on hearing what he had to say. "Okay?" he asked in wonder.

Viggo wiped his brow of the sweat that had begun to pour down. "I, well, I love you." He finally admitted.

Orlando raised his eyebrow. "What?" he asked.

"I've loved you since the day I met you. You are everything to me. Plus, I think you're really hot."

The brit's expression softened, but the hint of wonder still remained swimming in his eyes. "What was that you just said?" he asked, wanting to hear the sweet compliment again.

"You are a pretty elf," Viggo repeated. "And, I just want to know, if you'll be with me."

Orlando stopped a moment to think. He thought of all the wonderful things they had done, and the many expressions of friendship Viggo gave him. Tears began to well in his chocolate eyes, and for the first time, he realized he had found the one. Finally he realized that he loved Viggo too, and didn't wait another minute to turn and jump on him. He held the older man tight in his arms. "I love you Mortensen!" he whispered in happiness.

Viggo pulled back from the embrace to stare into deep brown pools of compassion. Then, he planted a soft kiss on the brit's lips. Orlando pulled Viggo into a vicious French kiss, toiling with his tongue.

"Bedroom?" the older man suddenly asked.

"Yeses..." answered Orly.

Viggo slammed the door shut to his apartment and picked up the young man. Placing him on the bed, he ripped off his shirt and his own and tossed them over the frame. Then, he dipped down onto his lover and kissed him all over his neck and chest. The glory was paused when a loud knock on the door was heard. A few seconds later came a familiar voice.

"Orlando? Vigo?" Are you guys in there?"

Orlando shoved Vigo off and sent him into the kitchen. Then he put on his shirt, and opened the door.

"Karl!" he asked, surprised to see the kiwi there on the stairs. "What's up?"

The slow man glanced at the ground before answering his friend. "I need some help."

Orlando ushered the Rohan man inside and poured him a glass of tequila. "What's your problem?" he asked, quick for an answer.

Karl sat still for a moment and then slowly began to explain. When he finished, Viggo appeared from the bathroom and ran over to the kiwi, grabbing his collar. "You want to get hooked up with Craig Parker?" he asked in disbelief.

The stunned New Zealander smiled at Viggo. "Yes, I love him."

The Danish American man stopped and let go of his friend's shirt. "Sorry man. That's awesome." He said.

Orlando rolled his eyes and then advanced to where Karl was sitting. "Okay Urban," he said, placing a confident hand on his shoulder. "You want Haldir, We'll give you Haldir."

The frown disappeared from his face and turned into a smile. "Yes!" he shouted, standing proudly next to Orlando, both of them putting their hands on their knees.

Now it was Viggo's turn to roll his eyes. "C'mon guys," he said, grabbing his jacket. "Let's just get to work and stop acting like Captain Morgan!"

It was just past nine when they reached Parker's trailer. Karl stood on the first step to knock, but was so nervous that his hand shook uncontrollably.

Orlando shoved his friend out of the way and knocked for him. A few seconds later, a small man wearing boxers and a Hanes shirt answered.

"Hey guys!" he said, smiling and greeting each one of his friends with a hug.

Karl listened intently to his accent. He had almost forgotten that his dream was also a kiwi.

Soon, everyone was sitting on chairs in his small living area. There was a long moment of silence, and Craig suspected something. "Ok what's going on here?" he asked.

Karl glanced uneasily at Viggo and Orlando, who winked and told him to go on ahead and tell him. As he rose to his feet in front of the other kiwi, the two newly paired left the trailer to give them some privacy.

After fifteen long minutes, Viggo suggested they take a peek inside to see if there was any success.

Orlando, who was stooped below the living room window agreed. So the two slowly rose up to the sill and took a look inside. The site put both men into awe.

Karl was atop Craig, kissing him lovingly, and Craig returned his favor, rubbing his back and kissing him with the same amount of compassion.

The two kiwis were PERFECT together! When Karl emerged ten minutes later, he was in bliss.

"That was amazing!" he said in awe. "He is a master lover!"

Viggo put an arm around him. "You could've done it all along, Urban." He said. "You didn't need our help."

The happy kiwi smiled slyly. "You're right. I guess I was just too nervous."

Orlando chuckled. "Tell me about it!" he said, nodding towards Viggo.

"Hey!" the older man protested. "Wait just a minute!"

The three men shared a laugh before wishing each other a good night. When Karl disappeared in Craig's trailer, Orly and Viggo headed back for the apartment.

"So," Viggo asked, wrapping an arm around his lover. "Wanna go to sleep? We got a lot of work to do tomorrow. "

Orlando thought about for a second. "Hmmm, nay!" he said, running ahead of the older man.

Viggo smiled a smile of appreciation. He loved it when Orlando wanted to stay up late.
Chapter end notes: Want me to continue? Email me! J
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