Snowdrops by Dixon of Dockleaf

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Story notes: Zoe

Blimey, these bunnies bite hard when they leave it to the last minute...

Betaed by Half Elf Lost, precious.
Today was the first day for snowdrops. They were scattered about on the bank of New Row and they made me think o'you, Mr. Frodo. You always did love snowdrops; used to have them all over Bag End. Oh, like the snow had fallen on the inside, it was!

I went into the woods to find some more, to where we saw the elves leaving that night. The flowers lay everywhere, all sad and joyful in one go and as though the elves had left a bit of themselves there, under the trees.

You know I'm not a gentle-hobbit, Mr. Frodo and I can't do fancy verses, nor anything other than a bit o'song, not poetry like Mr. Bilbo used to make, but those flowers...Those flowers were you, Mr. Frodo, so pale and brave, like. The earth'll take them back, just like the sea took you. Have you got snowdrops, far away with the elves across the water?

I don't know about anything much but plants and the growing of things and I always knew, after we came back, that you couldn't grow in this soil no more. Here was me, putting down roots again and planting in strong and there you were, no more able to settle down right than one of them pretty Lothlorien flowers could in the middle o'Mordor. I saw you fadin', every year like the leaves do, and then you were gone away, maybe to where there aren't no seasons, not like you'd think there might be.

I stayed a-cos I had to, but it's been a bitter hard frost for me. Until today, when I saw them 'drops.

I can't tell you in words, Mr. Frodo, but I can feel it today. Today is my day to know it like them snowdrops know the sky smiles at them, if they'd only lift their 'eads up that little bit higher to see it. I know I'll see you again, if I can be like the flowers and get through the frost. That there'll be a springtime again for the both of us.

So I've picked some of those snowdrops from the wood Mr. Frodo, and there'll be a drift of scented snow through Bag End, 'til the ground takes them back again.
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