Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: February 10, 2009 02:10 am · For: Chapter 1



JDE, you wicked creature, I have rarely seen Cirdan in such a situation. And Cirdan/Maglor, however did you get this great pairing? Once more, you have proved that you can turn even the staidest of cahracters irresitably sensual!!!

WHHOOOPS....I am eagerly waiting for more unexpected pairings....


"I look forward to paying you"

The elegant conversation, the underlying gentleness and the stark beauty of Maglor...You have got it all right, girl..

And I have always wondered if Cirdan had a selfesteem problem cos of the beard! You have tackled it so well!!!

Girl, once more I am saying this, you ARE A PRO!

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